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World-Renowned Photographer JEREMY SAFFER Announces First Ever Gallery ‘Heroes, Villains, and Monsters’ at Sam’s in Northampton, MA


Celebrate 10 Years of JEREMY SAFFER PHOTOGRAPHY on October 21st @ 7:00pm… and it’s FREE!

  Appearing and Presenting THE ROCKING DEAD at This Weekend’s ROCK AND SHOCK Convention

Directly after presenting annual supergroup The Rocking Dead (this year made up of Doyle, Ash Costello of New Years Day, and others) at this weekend’s Rock and Shock Horror Movie and Music Convention, world-renowned music photographer JEREMY SAFFER will kick off his first ever gallery opening!

The photography gallery, entitled “Heroes, Villians, and Monsters”, is free to the public and will take place on October 21st at 7:00pm at Sam’s Pizzeria and Cafe (located at 235 Main St., Northhampton, MA). The gallery will feature 50 of Jeremy’s personal favorite images taken over the last 10 years, printed as large format on 16×24 metallic paper, and will also include a print signing. In total, 200 free prints will be given away at the gallery opening! This event will include fun for all your family and friends, so make sure to bring pals of all ages!

“Heroes, Villains, and Monsters” will feature portraits of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Corey Taylor, Kerry King, Chris Motionless, Ash Costello, Kirk Hammett, Cristina Scabbia, Alissa White-Gluz, Maria Brink, Oliver Sykes, Jeffree Star, Bam Margera, Ghost, Andy Biersack, Behemoth, and many more.

As mentioned above, in addition to having a booth where he’ll be selling prints, Jeremy will present the second annual incarnation of supergroup band The Rocking Dead at this year’s Rock and Shock Convention in Worcester, MA this weekend!

Jeremy states, “I am super excited and honored to bring The Rocking Dead back to Rock and Shock for its second year. Last year’s Rocking Dead featuring Doyle, Randy Blythe, Wednesday 13, and more was so awesome that this time we went bigger and added more artists. I am super excited to have Ash Costello and Nikki Misery of New Years Day joining the fold, as they are in front of my lens more than anyone else. And of course some other new names and some from last year like Doyle, Wednesday, Ace, and Alex. It’s going to be amazing!”

As icing on the cake, the players will be signing during the convention (note: some will be signing all three days but due to touring schedules some will only be able to sign on Saturday)! As for the performance, what bands and songs will they cover this year? Will there be surprise guests? Some secrets are better kept until the show!

See the image below for the full line-up of The Rocking Dead performers, and learn more about Rock and Shock via

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