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Giveaway: Vancouver Thrashers SCISSORTOOTH Offer Free Download + Signed Copies Of ‘Novagomorrah’ Through YELL! Magazine

SCISSORTOOTH "Novagomorrah"
SCISSORTOOTH Photo credit: Kevin Eisenlord
Top (left to right):Shawn Hoskins (Drums), Derek Lundblad (Guitars,Vocals), Ken Firomski (Bass) – Photo credit: Kevin Eisenlord

SCISSORTOOTH are streaming their title track off of their full-length ‘Novagomorrah’ through YELL! Magazine and are offering up a chance for people to win signed copies of the album. The song and album name pairs up “nova” (Meaning new), and the religious tale of the twin cities Sodom and Gomorrah, which were a sinner’s paradise, thus ‘Novagomorrah’ is an interpretation of the current state of the world. Derek Lunblad, guitar and vocals for Vancouver thrash metal group had this to say about the track:

“Welcome to Novagomorrah! The Title Track sits at just over eight minutes, it’s our “Rime of The Ancient Mariner” or our “Stonehenge.” This track has big, gloomy verses flanked with rapid choruses and a second act of high energy metal. Thank you to YELL!Magazine for hosting this track, we hope you thoroughly enjoy this beast!”


Fans are also invited to enter to win a signed copy of ‘Novagomorrah’ by sharing their soundcloud link found here:

‘Novagomorrah’ is just under 1 hour (58 min total) spread over tracks engineered and mixed by the band’s own, Shawn Hoskins, and mastered by Vancouver’s Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs (Biff Naked, D.O.A., Finger 11). Their sound embodies the aggressive, yet groovy feeling of early Pantera braised with industrial samples throughout the album.

SCISSORTOOTH “Novagomorrah”

SCISSORTOOTH "Novagomorrah"
SCISSORTOOTH “Novagomorrah”


Track Listing: 
1. Hostile Takeover (5:14)
2. 10 30 (4:21)
3. Slowber (5:42)
4. Yellowhead (3:59)
5. Incision (5:05)
6. Shoegazer (5:20)
7. Common Thread (5:24)
8. Rotting Alive (4:38)
9. Nova Gomorrah (8:12)
10. Rats (4:48)
11. Wormwood (5:39)
Album Length: 58:00



Scissortooth is a Canadian Thrash Metal band from Vancouver, B.C..  Formed in 2003 by Derek Lundblad (Vocalist/guitarist) and Shawn Hoskins (drummer), formerly from Mantra, moved to the west coast from Grande Prairie, A.B.. The current line-up comprises of founding members Lundblad, Hoskins, and Ken Firomski (bassist), Ken  (Empyria and Cradle to Grave) who moved from Granisle B.C.. (Empyria and Cradle to Grave).

The band’s melodic hooks, varying tempos, and aggressive musicianship alongside of original writing approach and unique timbre has given their songs a different edge to most modern acts. Influenced by a wide spectrum of sounds of bands like Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Type O Negative to Soundgarden, Tool, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails have lent to the songwriting and arrangements a flavor that fills a void in today’s often bland musical climate.

Their debut full length, Novagomorrah is scheduled to be release July 28, 2015.

Tours & Festivals:
West Coast Tour 2008 – Intertwine co-headliner Scissortooth

Shared Stage With:
Aurosch, Magnus Rising, Scythia, Intertwine, Titans Eve, and Woods of Ypres.

Novagomorrah – 2015 (LP)
Self-titled – 2006 (LP)


“I really got a Mastodon, like The Sword kind of vibe from your music”-Tiny and Plankman Show on Tap Detroit

“Scissortooth, a Canadian band hailing from Vancouver, have found the way to really transport listeners to the past, during thrash metal’s “death” years, when it struggled to find new ears. They take the genre and blend it with the music that was killing thrash, and metal in general: grunge, via Alice in Chains, who were the “metalhead’s grunge”, and even Soundgarden.” – Crown of Viserys 

“Erupting in a very Static X sounding intro, the album quickly descends into a heated, thrashy fervor. Fasted paced triplets, driving rhythms and expansive vocal wails create an atmosphere immediately reminiscent of the thrash metal glory days of olde. “ – Canadian Beats Staff Writers Staff Writers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines but have one thing in common: they love to write about music and entertainment experiences. As a part of the Infrared Magazine family, they have access to stories and images that help readers to be inspired and informed about music and entertainment.
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