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Untapped Music and Beer Festival – Dallas, Nov. 7

By Tristan Miller, with Ryan Javier

Photos by Ryan Javier

DALLAS – Within minutes of the gates opening to the 2015 Untapped Festival, there were floods of participants swarming the grounds – hungry to hear live music and taste the exquisite brews that awaited them.

ut_0774SMALLThere was nothing more satisfying than to witness hundreds of people illuminated with joy and excitement. As the people filled tents, the stages were humbly awaiting their arrival. A deep ecstasy grew as the anticipation built – ready to be released in an uncontrollable glory that will leave everyone at Untapped speechless. Soon the people wondered freely among the grounds to explore the great delight that awaits them. Fair Park, divided in three main sections, is grand enough to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

Elle_0826SMALLdnTheir voices echoed within the streets in a great frenzy while they crowded near stages – awaiting their favorite bands. Earth Day Stage, however, was filled to the brim because all the music enthusiasts couldn’t await the arrival of The Lights. The cadence that broke through the crowds was intoxicating as The Lights took the stage in full form. The light of the sun was at its highest peak, and the crowd could feel the full veracity of the band – illuminated like angels on the stage. Full of content, the crowd was left in awe as Lights ended their show in a final bang – the crowd was dispersed exhausted, but incredibly satisfied as though their dreams were finally made into a reality.

mg_08821After hundreds of people cruised amongst the tents to enjoy yet another delightful brew, they took the next stage to encourage The Mowgli’s  performance. The band had light conversation behind the stage as sound check commenced. Their faces were full of excitement, calmness, but most importantly – confidence. Their show was greeted by hundreds of visitors who were ready to hear their voices rattle their hearts. The diversity of musicians kept a specific sound to their songs that captured a light hearted enthusiasm. The Mowgli’s expressions kept the happiness alive and encouraged the listeners to a free hearted spirit throughout the festival.

Dr_1083SmalldnThen there was a new harmony to be found as the bodies of fans strode back to the Earth Day stage. Dr. Dog conjured a sound of pure elegance that mellowed the mood of the crowds, but still could not contain their excitement. Dr. Dog’s emotion radiated in the floods of participants. Everyone’s hearts were brought to a place of deep concentration as the voices of Dr. Dog soothed their inner souls.

Finally, the seas of bodies awaited what their true intentions to conjugate at the Untapped Festival – The Flaming Lips. The night being at its darkest yet intimate point: created a fire in the hearts of their fans with a heat that could be felt for miles.

UT_0952SMALL Flaming Lips, as a whole, introduced a new aspect to the festival: participants dressed in mushrooms, butterflies, and a rainbow. This creativity caught the heart of the crowd, and they answered back with roaring cheers. The unique and complex personality of the band ended the night with a explosion of euphoria. The night was quietly cleared, but not forsaken. The joy that came in the Untapped Festival surely did not leave after the crowd’s dismissal. The essence of the Fairgrounds was infused with the excitement of the crowd – a passion awaiting its revival.

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Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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