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Tulsa Raceway Park Hosts REDEMPTION 6.0 “NO PREP SERIES”

Redemption 6.0 Tulsa Raceway Park

As a relatively new fan of drag racing, my first trip out of the state for a race weekend.  Or should I say two days of spectacular racing.  I must say that “Redemption No Prep 6.0 On The Road” was a great success.  It was a group effort led by Ms. Shannon Morgan that went off smoothly.  Successful in bringing together an awesome group of “No prep” racers including a bunch of Street Outlaws cast.   It is easier to name the ones that were not here which included some big names like “Big Chief” Justin Shearer with the “CrowMod” and “Murder Nova” Shawn Ellington, “Farm Truck and Azn”, Jeff Lutz.


The Track

Tulsa Raceway Park is a nice track with plenty of space holding up to ten thousand drag racing fans.   It was really cold Friday night but it was beautiful day on Saturday with the sun shining and the sky’s clear temps in mid 50’s.  At a different time of the year the Raceway very well may have been full.  Still a lot of people turned out on Saturday filling the main grandstands.

I feel like if it had been a little warmer with and Chief and Nova showing up the stands would have been full.  There were folks that showed up from all over to catch some fast, loud action.  To get to a chance to see a few of their Outlaw Folks in person, talk about race cars, shake hands, get a picture, a T-shirt or cap or an autograph.   The theme of the races this weekend was “No Hero Shit” Which meant let off the gas instead of crashing into the wall so you could live to race another day without tearing your race car or your opponents up.  There were several close calls as there is with all No Prep racing because it is really similar to street racing with a lot of power hitting the ground and no artificial traction letting the rear wheels break loose.  Several guys pulled out of the gas and made some incredible saves.  There were a couple of minor scrapes like Chuck driving the” Death Trap” putting a long dent on the driver side after scraping the wall.

Before the race and the talk

One of the biggest, baddest, big tire racer James “Birdman” Finney going into the weekend as the odds on favorite lost to “GodFather” who maintained traction as James broke a little in the first 60 it seemed.


The Winner’s

Jerry Bird of “Bird Boyz” from Street Outlaw New Orleans took home Big Tire $20,000 after beating some of the best all day long with some great passes including The 55, Tuff Enuff, Monza, The Godfather, SwampThing in the final race.

Small Tire winner of $20,000 was Tony Thorn running hard A to B all day long.  Travis Vaught winning the Outlaw Street check for $10,000, Sportsman winner “Kamakaze” driving the Elco with $4850, Ej Hickl winning the $4k in the ProMod class and Josh Patton winning Factory Street.


In Memory of Blake Williams

In addition to all the racing and stuff around the track there was a raffle going on for everything from T-shirts to trailers to raise money for the family of Blake Williams whose life ended tragically at an early age doing what he loved drag racing.  There were many that donated stuff with 100% of the proceeds going to this young man’s family.

Blake Williams Gofundme account click here.

Big Money Grudge

After an awesome day of racing “Tuff Enuff” calls out “Kye Kelly” for a $1000 grudge match.  After the announcement “Daddy Dave” calls out Kye to ruin for a $2000 and Kye says he won’t run for any less than $5000.  After a little banter at the line Daddy Dave agrees to run him.  Looked like Kye got Dave off the light but had to peddle it about a hundred feet down getting a little squirrely and Dave drove around him.  Both fast cars.


After the Race

Rumor is that there was a big street race after the races ended on Saturday night somewhere in Tulsa that “Big Chief” raised the flashlight between “JJ DaBoss” from Memphis and “Birdman” from Houston for $13,000 cash racing on the street.  Video of the event was shot by 1320Video film crew.

Any race on any day can result in a different winner and that is why they keep racing.  Schedule’s are already being setup by Shannon Craig Morgan for a bunch of high stakes exciting racing in Redemption No Prep for 2017.  So get ready for some racing.



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