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Top 25 Horror Comedies of ALL TIME

If you’re going to watch a movie during the month of October, chances are it will be a horror film and there isn’t any better way to get your fright-on than with laughter.

Whether it’s a dark comedy with horror elements or a horror film with comedic elements, the marriage almost always works. Like chocolate and peanut butter; no matter how you merge the two, as long as the ingredients themselves are top shelf, the outcome will always be A-1.

After spending a week re-watching dozens of titles, I’ve assembled, for your viewing enjoyment, a list of the best must-see horror comedies. I choose films that were the not only funny and entertaining, but were also palatable for a broad audience; films that were enjoyable to watch (for the most part, I mean, dude, these are horror films) and films that I felt would best represent the diversity of the horror genre itself. I also stuck with films that most of you probably have never heard of.

That being said, in their respective uncut forms (which is the only way to watch any movie), most of these films are either unrated or have the equivalent of our NC-17 Rating and I do not recommend any of the films on this list (except for maybe number Ten)  to viewers under 17 years of age.



25. Undead (Australia, 2003) – We kick off our countdown with a film from Down Under. Meteorites fall on a small fishing village, causing a zombie epidemic. A handful of survivors battle their through in an attempt to escape. Funny, bloody and a kickass good time.



24. Attack the Block (UK, 2011) – A group of teens and young adults must fight for their lives as they fend off an alien invasion. Shot within the concrete jungle of London’s housing estates (sort of like our projects), the film is packed with gags that transcend the boundaries of traditional British wit and sense of humor, making Attack the Block approachable and enjoyable to a surprisingly wide audience.



23. Fresh Meat (New Zealand, 2012) – A group of jail breakers on the run from the cops, force their way into a suburban home and hold the family hostage. It was a good idea, but they choose the wrong family to house-jack. Hilarious and at times, sexy, Fresh Meat is an endearing little film that I’m sure every horror fan will enjoy.



22. Cockneys vs Zombies (UK, 2012) – Zombies have taken over London and it’s up to a small band of limeys to save the day. Think Shaun of the Dead, but with senior citizens and criminals as the protagonists. Yeah, you’re smiling already.



21. Doghouse (UK, 2009) – A group of men travel to a small town on a boys-night-out mission to help their friend get over a recent divorce and to drink their sorrows away. The situation goes sideways when a virus infects the women of the village, turning them into man-hating, she-demon zombies.



20. Murder Party (US, 2007) – A group of deranged up-and-coming artists decide the best way to impress an art world bigshot is through a performance piece. They plan to film a murder, in the name of “art”. They send out invitations to their party and the unfortunate few who actually show up, are in for one hell of a night!



19. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (Australia, 2014) – This film may not be listed as comedy on IMDb, but it is hilarious the whole way through. It has much more of a serious tone than Undead, however, and is way more graphic of a film.



18. Zombieland (US, 2007) – Set in north Texas, this hilarious film follows four survivors as they battle through the undead on their quest to visit an amusement park in California. In the 8 years since its theatrical debut, Zombieland has reached cult status and even spawned a pilot for a TV series, however, despite pleas from fans, the network execs decided to 86 the whole idea. There has been rumors of a feature-length sequel ever since.



17. 100 Bloody Acres (Australia, 2012) – The Morgan brothers have got the best fertilizer on the market and it’s all thanks to their secret ingredient. I’ll give you a hint: it’s people.



16. Bad Taste (New Zealand, 1987) – Derek and his friends play cleanup as they rid their town of alien monsters. Peter Jackson (the dude who brought us the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sagas) directs and plays the lead in his feature-length film debut.



15. Army of Darkness (US, 1992) – Ash, our hero from the Evil Dead series, is thrust back in time to the dark ages where he must defeat an army of the undead in order to retrieve an ancient book with the power to transport him home.



14. Inbred (UK, 2011) – A group of juvenile delinquents travel to a remote town for a weekend of community service, however things go awry when the kids clash with the townsfolk. Pretty soon the situation escalates and you’ll realize then why Inbred is on this list.



13. The Loved Ones (Australia, 2009) – After he turned down Lola’s invitation to the prom, Brent thought his troubles were over…until Lola kidnaps him in this quaint little torture/horror/comedy with a lot of heart. There’s been some great horror-comedies to come out down under and this is one of them.



12. Severance (UK, 2006) – A weekend team-building retreat in the woods turns into a Most Dangerous Game scenario for a group of corporate execs.



11. House (US, 1986) – A writer moves into his dead aunt’s house to work on his new novel, only to discover that the place is haunted. House is funny, a little gory and even frightening at times. It’s an endearing classic that all audiences (over the age of 17) will totally enjoy.



10. What We Do in the Shadows (New Zealand, 2014) – A horror mockumentary that’s about three vampires who live together and chronicles their struggles with all of life’s little problems. Think: Spinal Tap, but with Vampires. Funny, quirky and very mild film.



9. Bio-Zombie (Hong Kong, 1998) – A busy shopping center is overrun with zombie and it’s all up to two video store clerks and a couple of shoppers to save the day. Infamous HK gore meets Peking Opera comedy.



8. Braindead, aka: Dead Alive (New Zealand, 1992) – A mutant rat bites an overbearing woman and as the sickness sets in, her loving son tries his best to take care of her. This early film by Peter Jackson, with all its gore and camp, is as over-the-top as it gets.



7. Deathgasm (New Zealand, 2015) – Three teenage metalheads accidentally release an ancient evil which turns the residents of their quiet town into blood thirsty Evil Dead-style zombie/demons. A modern masterpiece that’s chock full of equal parts gore and laughter, Deathgasm was just recently released in the US. Highly entertaining and highly recommended.



6. Dead Snow (Norway, 2009) – A ski vacation in the mountains turns sour when one of the group accidentally summons Nazi zombies. This delightful and hilarious dark comedy quickly became a cult-hit, spawning a sequel in 2014.



5. Shaun of the Dead (UK, 2004) – A man tries to win back his girlfriend and rescue his parents, all in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Although Shaun of the Dead has strong violence, there are romantic and lighter elements making the film accessible to most audiences.



4. The Evil Dead (US, 1981) – A group of friends discover the Book of the Dead in the basement of a cabin in the woods and unintentionally unleash demons from the beyond the grave. This dark comedy has an extremely light tone, and most audiences will be able to easily handle this classic gore fest.



3. The Return of the Living Dead (US, 1985) – A pair of careless workers release a toxic gas that creates acid rain and when the polluted water seeps into the ground of the adjacent graveyard, hundreds of hungry corpses return to life. ROTLD is an entertaining, joyful and hilarious romp on the lighter side of horror. ROTLD is a very dear film to me and I’m sure if you have the time to check it out, it’ll become one of your favorites too!



2. The Voices (US, 2014) – This is a wickedly funny film that a lot of folks didn’t even know existed, which is kind of big deal since The Voice has a major-name actor with top billing. Also, because it’s an all-around kickass flick. Ryan Reynolds plays a horrendously demented psychopath whose fantasy world is turned upside with the sudden death of a co-worker. The Voices is the hands-down, the best horror film that I have seen in 2015.


..and the Number One Must-See Horror Comedy of ALL TIME is…





1. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (US, 2010) – Two harmless, good-natured, white-trashey types head into the woods to renovate their newly acquired vacation home. Through a series of mistaken identities and misconstrued actions, the blood begins to flow and the bodies soon pile up. Tucker and Dale is the very definition of what a horror comedy should be. Besides being superbly crafted, it’s outrageously funny, super fucking bloody and has a plot won’t bore you. The script is solid and the every single actor gives a stunning performance; there’s not one weak link in the entire cast. For these reasons and more, Tucker and Dale is, hands-down, the best Horror Comedy that there is.

So, what did you think? Did you agree or disagree with our choices? Do you know of title that you feel should’ve been on this list? Tell us all about it in the comments below!




Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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