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New Music Review: TILTED AXES “Music For Mobile Electric Guitars”

TILTED AXES "Music for Mobile Electric Guitars"


REVIEW – Tilted Axes is a processional event and an ensemble of electric guitarists created by Patrick Grant. Grant brings together the sounds of rock, discipline of the theater and an experimental spirit to this venture.

Grant started Tilted Axes in 2011 from inspiration by his background in gamelan music and vanguard theater work. Tilted Axes originated as part of Make Music Winter, an event that takes New York’s cityscape with participatory musical parades in honor of the winter solstice. Tilted Axes welcomes participation for the music to come together.

Since Tilted Axes began, the group developed as a project with many incarnations in New York, Detroit, and Düsseldorf, Germany. The interesting fact about a Tilted Axes event is a call it put out to local guitars to apply to participate. When a group is selected from the applicants, they are given MP3s and PDFs to play at the event so they can learn in advance. A week before the event, Grant arrives with members of Tilt Core and rehearsed with the local musicians with various musical performance techniques. A procession route within the host city is already set. The route includes city squares, centers of transportation, and indoor places like museums.

Titled Axes released a new album to share in their sounds called: Music For Mobile Electric Guitars. Music For Mobile Electric Guitars contains 17 tracks showcasing their unique experiences. The first track “Shapes 1” is a fast paced showcase of guitars coming together. “Circulation of G Maybe” follows with a slower tone that is endearing. This song feels like the listener is at a planetarium looking at the stars and the song engulfs them in the experience. “Titled Axes Theme” brings out a spirit that takes a journey on different fronts: a journey filled with inspiration and challenges along the way.

“Techno Tilt” is a guitar infused fun track with dancy beats. “Polymetric Patterns” infuses a sharp retro sound with guitars and keyboard in the background coming to the forefront. “Tuanna Claonta” brings a Middle Eastern rock sound that would make the listener dance and share in festivities with friends.

Tilted Axes is an engaging and fun experience for all listeners all alike.

TILTED AXES “Music for Mobile Electric Guitars”

Basic RGB

Track Listing:

01. Shapes 1
02. Circulation in G Maybe
03. Tilted Axes Theme
04. Pedal Swells
05. Theme Variation
06. Rivera Court
07. Techno Tilt
08. Kneadle Variation
09. Asciae Obliquiae (Anthem)
10. Alamo Tilt
11. Polymetric Patterns
12. Beaubien Blues
13. Corridor 84 + Krimson Coda
14. Shapes 2
15. Tuanna Claonta
16. Harmonic Revolutions
17. The Sound of Burning Chairs


More info can be found on TILTED AXES at:

Official Web Page:
Email General Contact:
Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter: @tiltedaxes


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