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New Music Review: THE NAVEBLUES “Thank You”

Naveblues takes blues to a new level. Out of Norway comes a talented musician who brings his own sound to the genre of blue music.

Naveblues recently covered Led Zeppelin’s Thank You in a simple yet meaningful video.¬† A female is the solo star of the video showing stages of thanks she feels in the year 2100 on Mars. The emotion of her face and backdrop of the sky makes the song more personal. ¬†Nave Pundik, singer, songwriter, and harmonica player showcases wonderful depth and insight to this cover. The harmonica lead replaces the lead guitar from the original giving the authentic blues experience to the listener.

Naveblues have other tracks to check out they have released: Early in the Morning, In A Quiet Place, and so forth. These songs are streaming on their website:

This is an excellent cover demonstrating hidden beauty and meaning to an old classic.


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More info on Naveblues can be found at:
Twitter: @naveblues

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