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New Music Review: SLAYER “Repentless”

Slayer - Repentless

REVIEW – It has been 6 years since we heard from the mighty Slayer. In that time we had the heartbreaking passing of Jeff Hanneman and the addition of Gary Holt. Like most metal fans 29 years I discovered Reign in Blood and my life was forever changed like the metal scene. The 90’s for Slayer were confusing; they went outside of their thrash background for music that was following every genre that seemed popular at the time. We had the Seasons in the Abyss record which brought a sound that tried to cater to the mainstream and the MTV generation. Divine Intervention was a return to form, but what happened after it was not with them doing a punk record and their attempt at nu metal. In 2001, Slayer returned to form with God Hates Us All that I feel was their best work since Reign in Blood. Christ Illusion not so much and World Painted Blood took some time to win me over, but I ended up really digging it. Here we are in 2015 with Slayer’s return Repentless and it is a monster right out the gates. The cd opens with an instrumental called Delusions of Saviour and it is the calm before the music storm. You have the classic Slayer sound just getting you so stoked about what is next. What is next and follows is just a massive energy and emotion filled statement that Slayer is still the kings.

After the slow and very effective opening track this CD just jumps into “Repentless” which is just a go for the throat thrash song that Slayer has built their name and reputation on. The next track Take Control has a punk vibe to it with the Slayer classic attack. This song has all the makings of creating an insane mosh pit. The next two tracks Vices and Cast The First Stone harken back to Slayer’s Season in the Abyss as they have a more rock feel than thrash. This record seems to step outside of the box like past releases and slow things down a little and instead sing some of the darker lyrics with a slow methodical background. Chasing Death showcases what this style is about, and what Tom can give with his vocal performance which is easily the most emotional I have heard in a long time from him. Atrocity Vendor is the gem of this CD, this is that song that I feel Slayer put out to show the new school of thrash and metal, that they are still the kings and this is why. Only Slayer can make a song like this and get people excited. This is another one of the many songs on this CD that I feel are live crowd ready. This record is easily in my top 7 of Slayer records maybe even top 5. I mean at this point of their career, I know to expect another Reign in Blood is unfair. This CD is a great mix of killer riffs, a great vocal delivery and that trademark Slayer sound that we all are excited around release date. I feel Jeff’s death may have ignited a passion within Slayer and this CD showcases what this band does best, and that is deliver to their fans.

Slayer - Repentless
Slayer – Repentless

Track Listing
1. Delusions of Saviour
2. Repentless
3. Take Control
4. Vices
5. Cast the First Stone
6. When the Stillness Comes
7. Chasing Death
8. Implode
9. Piano Wire
10. Atrocity Vendor
11. You Against You
12. Pride in Prejudice

9 Stars

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