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SHANNON MORGAN’S Redemption 4.0 Texas Original No-Prep Race Results

Written by Randy Curtis

Photo’s Kenny Siegler and Randy Curtis

SHanon and Bud Morgan Redepmtion 4.0


Shannon Morgans  Redemption 4.0

Texas Original no-prep race

at Kennedale’s “Texas Raceway

Shannon’s race was scheduled for November. Due to the inclement weather it was moved to January 2, 2016.

Cars were arriving on New Years’ Day.  You could feel the excitement.  There were a few races set up for that night.  The air was cold.

This is published on a Magazine that probably most of you don’t know much about Drag Racing.  Recently Discovery Channel did a show about Street racers in the Oklahoma area. It’s called, “Street Outlaws”.  In a short, this show became very popular. The premise of this is where you run on an area that is not prepared like the normal Drag Strips.  The cars use a chemical that gives the tires grip. A common brand is “VHT”.  A newer version has arrived known as “TrackBite”

PJ1 TrackBite, formerly known as VHT TrackBite or simply VHT, is a custom formulated resin, typically black in color, used in drag racing to either increase the traction of a car’s tires or as a sealer for newly ground and/or resurfaced race tracks.[1] It stays sticky for weeks, has fire-retardant properties and is hydrophobic. It is generally sprayed onto the track from either a 55-gallon (208-liter) drum or 1 gallon, 2.5 liter and 15 liter plastic jug. It has been used in professional racing since 1972. With the help of Trackbite, a normal street surface can be prepped so well a drag car can lift the front wheels off the ground.

It can also be sprayed from specialized VHT spraying tanks. The TrackBite that the NHRA uses, commercial “VHT TRACKBITE CONCENTRATE” is yellowish in color and per NHRA regulations is diluted with methanol for optimum effect. Trackbite contains nopetroleum distillates and is biodegradable when dry.


The compound originated as a high temperature coating made for NASA by the Sperex Corporation. VHT, a brand owned by Sperex, began offering it for sale commercially. It was taken up by drag racers, and Sperex soon began producing formulations specially made for the sport. Sperex was purchased in 1989 by businessman P. J. Harvey and is now part of PJH Brands.   Source Wikipedia

On a normal race track, TrackBite is sprayed on the complete surface of the track and the shutdown area to help with traction while braking.

The Street Racing is a surface with normal conditions that is not treated with any chemical. It takes talent to set up a high HP car to get down this area without spinning its’ tires. To give fans this kind of excitement, the track will not prepare its’ surface as it normally would on a race day. This is where the “No-Prep” came from.

Shannon has put on three of these races. This being the forth. This racing has grown in popularity over the past few years and this was no disappointment.

By Race Day the place was packed. It was an exciting day.  Then a mishap with Spencer Johnson aka “Cornbread” got out of shape and rolled his car.


Thankfully, Spencer walked away from this accident.  The day went well after this.

Spencer rolling


The results are as follows;

True Street Winner

Matt Goleman

True street winner


True Street Runner Up

Stefan Silsz

True street runner up Stefan Slisz


Small Tire Winner

Joey Rabiola

Small tire winner_boost12_joey rabiola



Small Tire Runner Up

No Leg Craig

small tire runner up_No leg Craig


Second Chance Small Tire Winner

Stefan Slisz

2nd chance Small Tire Winner_ Stefan Slisz


Second Chance Small Tire Runner Up

Pat McKinney

2nd chance Small Tire Runner Up_Pat McKinney


Big Tire Winner

Randy Thorn

big tire winner_Randy Thorn


Big Tire Runner Up

Ray Garcia

big tire runner up_Ray Garcia

Big Tire Outlaw Winner

James Finney “Birdman”

big tire Outlaw winner_ Birdman


Big Tire Outlaw Runner Up

Kye Kelley

Street Outlaws Kye Kelly
Street Outlaws Kye Kelly by Randy Curtis

Special Thanks to Kenny Siegler for the Photos

Randy Curtis


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