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Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals II was ruckus this last weekend at San Antonio Raceway.  There was huge rain on Thursday night in the Marion area dropping buckets of rain.  Worse than it was last year.  The Santa Clara Creek rose so high that there was a high water rescue going on with firetrucks and helicopters just a half mile away where a car had been washed into the creek Thursday night Friday morning as we got to the track on that morning.  One of the occupants of that vehicle the husband was found clinging to a tree and the deceased woman’s body was retrieved from vehicle Friday.  Prayers for their family.

San Antonio Raceway personnel, Mike Murillo, Matt Plotkin did a great job under the weather circumstances for the weekend.  On Friday we would arrive early to overcast sky’s and a parking lot that was filling with a steady row of cars, haulers and diesels jockeying into the pits and getting their stuff setup for the weekend.  It would drizzle for a several hours then finally slowed and stopped completely.   The staff went to work drying the track from the starting line to the top end.

Drivers meeting on Friday was around 9:00 PM with racing starting about 10:00 PM.  Grudge racing and call outs.  Surprisingly there were quite a few fans braving the wet humid conditions to watch some racing.  Races on Friday ended when mother nature opened the gates and let the rain start back up with a large cell coming our way around 1:45 AM.

Saturday midday back at the track the sky’s were grey and appeared we were in for another long day and that is exactly what happened.  Which it was mostly just spells of a very light drizzle and there were fans rolling in all day long.  The sky opened and even let a little sunshine in. It allowed for the fans to run around and check out all of the cars that were out of the trailers and on display and a great time to meet some of the racers.  I was surprised this year by the number of Pro Mods that were here to race.  A couple last year and I bet there was 10 or more this year.

Racing started up at 6:00 PM with big tires. Gaylen Smith in the “The Bounty Hunter” was first up against “Birdman” who takes a close race.  The 67 Blown Black Shelby  sitting at the green light throws a blower belt and looks like his race was over but wins by DQ after his opponent looses control and crosses the center line.  Up next the “Hammerhead” Corvette wheelies off the start and looses control scooting across the center line loosing to the 64 Red Nova.  53 Chevy ProMod wins next race. Steve Wiley gets a good break off the light and beats ‘The Mistress”.  Ray beats out the “The Boogie Man” in his Promod 68 Camaro.  “The 55” edges out “The Swamp Thing”.  Kayla Mortin wins to advance to round 2. Rain starts back up. After about an hour the guys looking at the radar shows a large cell coming our way and decide to run on Sunday with a forecast of “No Rain”.

Things run smoothly on Sunday.  A little drizzle to start but it dissipates quickly ad the races are off at 12  to get the semi and finals done.

With all of the Pro-Mods eliminated there is left standing two big tire guys running for $25,000. It’s “Birdman” vs “The 55” and what a race it was.  With the 55 edging out James Finney taking the win light and the money.  They shook hands after the race looking around asking where were all the Pro-Mods that came for the money.  What a great weekend for Drag Racing in Texas.  Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals was a great success.  We are looking forward to a bigger badder race next year.  Hopefully with less rain.

Sitting easy in the cockpit before the race
“Birdman” beating out Steve Wiley
Playing in the puddles


Young photographer getting props from Kyle with 1320 film crew.


Future drag racer


Water was a bitch but not a show stopper


Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money


Good people covering the show


A big tire showdown Birdman and Bounty Hunter Saturday’s 1st race


Matt Plotkin


Oh Yea…. More puddles


Bounty Hunter Gaylen Smith


Speed Video Live crew


Steve Wiley after a win in the Grim Reaper


The Mini Farm Truck Rumor says he was Farm Truck before the 405.


Our friend Phil from Check out his stuff. some great 360 videos and light painting photos.


Mike Murillo and Jason Flores taking care of business
















“Hammerhead’ A little too much power. Would cross the center line to loose this one.



Even the sun had come out for a little while on Saturday.


Plan B







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