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New Music Review: SAINT BLASPHEMER “Simon Templar”


REVIEW: Saint Blasphemer comes to us with a new EP, Simon Templar. Blasphemer hails from Santa Ana, California. They started performing shows February 2016 and released their 5 song EP October 15, 2016. The band members consist of John Castellon on guitar, Thomas Monroe on vocals, Steve Shell on bass guitar, and Steve Ybarra on drums.  Their music tends to favor similar sounds to early Tool, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, The Cure,  and Peter Gabriel. Lead singer Monroe felt helpless watching people get sick and die. He wanted a way to express what he has seen and experienced.

The first song “Nullify” is a rock infused manifesto entranced in a dark setting about the effects of drug addiction and dying.  The following track “Simon Templar” slows things down a bit delving into the mind of a conversation with a psychiatrist surviving a an existence from a drug related loss. “Simon Templar” is a melancholy song when listening and plays up on this sound masterfully. “Scarecrow” brings on the guitar riffs in a powerful, strong connection to the listener. For those who are fans of the Oz, this song is a reminder of being lost and the desire to return home. “A Perfect Rose” is introspective in that seeing one’s inside beauty and making them feel live again connects two people. The singer is trying to keep their loved one from running away bring together a down tempo rock song about love. “Breaking Just To Bend” ends up the album on a stellar rock note making the listener bob their head along with great beat. The bass shines through before going into the guitar solo.



Track Listing:

1. Nullify 02:55
2. Simon Templar 03:58
3. Scarecrow 03:13
4. A Perfect Rose 03:36
5. Breaking Just To Bend 02:27





Saint Blasphemer release a great taste of what is yet to come from them. More information on the band can be found:

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