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Redemption No Prep 8.0 On the Road.

Drag Racing in Baton Rouge

Redemption No Prep 8.0 “On the Road” showed up in Baton Rouge on Thursday night to State Capital Raceway with some of the Street Outlaw stars from the 405 and their own NOLA stars and hundreds of drag racers from all over.  There was a meet and greet at a local place called “RAXX Bar” just down the street from the track.  Fans from all over the country but especially the local Louisiana folks showed up to shake hands, get autographs and a chance to meet these drag racers. Among the TV stars there were also a bunch of everyday drag racers from six different classes  unloaded and ready to show what they have.


Clouds were rolling in from a low pressure circling in from the Gulf in a counter clock wise path bringing a constant threat of rain from the East.  There was a 20 to 50% chance of rain both Friday and Saturday.  A few showers early on Friday helped delay the start of the action by an hour or so.  It threatened to halt racing on Saturday altogether as the rain came pouring in the afternoon. Just as the track was getting dried off  around 3 or so it opened up a couple of small outburst that lasted with 20 minutes of light rain which slowed the start.  The staff was able to get it dried off and ready so the race could get started. Event went off successfully with no more rain.

Friday Night Intermission

During an intermission waiting on the cars to cool off and prepare for the finals on Friday night “Doc” James Love Street Beast “Doc”from the Street Outlaws 405 makes some little fans extremely happy by passing out some Hot Wheels and Redemption 8.0 T-shirts furnished by Shannon Craig Morgan. All you have to do is look at the face of this young man as he receives the prize from his TV hero.

“Doc” passing out stuff to young fans.

Friday Night Winners

Several of the Street outlaw 405 and NOLA racers running in the Redemption races. Chuck Seitsinger #1 on the 405 list took the Big Tire check for $6k. Birdman Racing with his new motor that was crazy fast winning $4k. Small tire Racetech crown went to Dylan Wells pocketing $6k. Jr dragster winner Barrett Nicholson $300. 7.0 class won by Wyatt Sproles $1160. Factory Street winner Micha Peavy $1k.



Saturday Racing

Getting off to a little late start from the afternoon flood and the track being a little green the rain first few down the the track were a little squirrely.  Some pretty phenomenal saves flopping left and right all the way down the track but holding on to it missing the wall. Without Doc and Chuck who were heading back to OKC to do some filming for the upcoming season of Street Outlaws the racing was still intense.  There were still some super fast cars and action that played out to the last race of the night with Kayla Morton going against Birdman  with Kayla coming out on top.   She seemed to beat him off the light.  He had made a good run on the big end but ran out of territory. Lots of competition in the big tire with Bird brothers, Shannon Coan, Tony Folks, David Bird Jones, Cornbread, Jackie Knox Sr. and a bunch of other folks.   One of the most exciting races of the night was Billy Rains in the truck series that breaks off the line in a wheel stand that hangs up for more than 200 feet and slams it to the ground still wins the race beating a beautiful orange and yellow Pro Luv.

Saturday Winners and runner up’s.

A great weekend of racing in the Bayou. A big thanks to Shannon Morgan and all the Redemption No Prep folks for putting on a great show, the drag racers driving from hundreds of miles away coming to make this event a huge success.  Thanks for allowing us to capture a few moments in drag racing time.

I will put up some faces from the crowd and from round the track behind the scenes on Will Crews Photography.  Go by and check out Redemption 8.0 gallery your picture maybe there.  Sorry we didn’t get one of every body. #chuckSeitsinger #Doc #KaylaMorton #DragRacing#BoostedGT #BobbyDucote #PrimeEvil #ShannonMorgan #LarryBaker#Swampthing 

Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.
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