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New Music Review: QUEENSRYCHE “Condition Human”

QUEENSRYCHE "Condition Human"
QUEENSRYCHE "Condition Human"
QUEENSRYCHE “Condition Human”

REVIEW – When Crimson Glory first hit the scene, they had a sound and style that drew comparisons to Queensryche. When lead singer Midnight died tragically, the band recruited Todd La Torre who also drew the same comparisons. The self-titled cd in 2013 was a fair record. Let’s be honest, Queensryche after DeGarmo left, lost both its fire and substance. The cds were mediocre at best, so when I heard Geoff and the band had a falling out, I was hoping that maybe we could get two projects that are hungry and focused. Condition Human has its moments; Guardian is a great song and could get people to pay attention. The problem I have is that with the first record and now the follow-up, is that La Torre seems to be recreating Geoff Tate instead of trying to establish himself. The vocals on this record, if you did not know better you would think it is Geoff singing. The band I feel wants to keep old-school fans happy and not depart too much off of what they expect, but they are also not giving La Torre enough of a chance to really have a go at it. Where Judas Priest let Ripper be himself and the music to follow his vocal style, it seems Queensyrche are basically letting Todd play a role. I am not saying the music is horrible, but I feel it is cheating fans somewhat to hear this record and expect a daring new adventure when it sounds like they are just content letting Todd basically play to Geoff’s strengths. Arrow of Time is a good opener in the realm of what a fan would expect. It bridges together the Empire drive with Hear in the New Frontier playing. I feel this record is better than the last decade the band had with Geoff in the picture. The playing on this record is really focused almost a rediscovered passion of sorts. Michael Wilton I feel has had to fill in the huge hole Chris left when he bailed and I feel this record he does a good job. Lyric wise they need Chris to at least write material, it is like they are just basically running around in the same circle trying to figure out what to communicate to a listener.

Does the band need Tate back? That is a great question? I was expecting the debut to be growing pains trying to figure out what your singer’s strengths and weaknesses were and work with them. Where Geoff’s biggest negative was all the abuse he put his voice thru and the chain smoking, Geoff is very limited today in delivering what fans pre-Empire loved the most, him hitting those high notes. I am not saying La Torre is not talented, but I have yet to establish what he truly brings that is his to the band. I like the CD enough to give it some listens but I feel it is so unfair to Tate and the fans to say this is Todd La Torre being himself and playing to his style. It sounds like a tribute band that really needs to have faith in the fans and their singer more, and stop being dependent on a style that is not theirs anymore, that they assume will put them on better tours and selling in more stores. I just want to hear La Torre establish himself like say a Sammy Hagar did. Take a signature sound and just completely make it yours, do not take yours and let it become the same signature sound that the band has claimed they are trying to distance themselves from. I am torn on an actual music review because I feel it is not a bad record, but I feel ripped off that I am hearing someone imitate a singer that I am forced to believe by this band is who they want to go so far away from.


QUEENSRYCHE “Condition Human

QUEENSRYCHE "Condition Human"

Track Listing

1. Arrow of Time
2. Guardian
3. Hellfire
4. Toxic Remedy
5. Selfish Lives
6. Eye9
7. Bulletproof
8. Hourglass
9. Just Us
10. All There Was
11. The Aftermath
12. Condition Hüman

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