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New Music Review: XOMBIE “Might As Well”


Formed in 2010 out of New York City comes a rapcore band called Xombie. The band consists of four members: Atom Crews (lead vocals), Roy Galvan (lead guitar), Robert Fishkin (lead guitar), “Cadillac” Mike Martabano (bass), and Eric Castillo (drums).

The band has three EP’s under their belt, the latest release being Capital X in July 2014. The album was supported by its first single, Rock Bottom and its music video featuring legendary backyard brawler and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice. The video co-stars Fuse TV host and Maxim model, Juliya Chernetsky with the video directed by Oren Sarch (Pi, Requiem for a Dream).

After raising almost $11,000 on Kickstarter, Xombie toured throughout the end of 2012 and supported acts including Psychostick, Apathy, Cappadonna, Dope, Hed PE, Otep, Butcher Babies, Shinobi Ninja, and Bobaflex.


The band has performed at many major music festivals, including The Bamboozle and CMJ. Coming back from tour in 2013, Xombie unveiled new music at the CBGB Festival, the largest music festival in New York City. Afterwards, Xombie started work on their new album after original drummer, Rob Patierno left the band and was replaced by current member Eric Castillo who also produced and mastered the Capital X album.

Xombie brings out an energetic single called “Might As Well.” With blazing guitar riffs and sounding united in their song, Xombie has come up with a unique sound that shows their love of music. Chanting “put your hands up, put your hands down” makes the single fun and a unique listening experience for the person who is listening thinking you “might as well” give whatever a chance.

Xombie has finished their latest album, “Super Cell,” and is set to release in June 2017. The album was once again produced by Eric Castillo and mastered by John Naclerio of Nada Recording Studio.

More information can be found on Xombie at:

Twitter: xombie_nyc
Instagram: xombienyc

Kyle Thomas
From Fort Worth originally and now lives in Central Texas. I earned a bachelors in English from Texas State University-San Marcos and my MBA from Letourneau University. I've written for other online music magazines and have a love for music.
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