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New Music Review: TALIA “Thugs They Look Like Angels”

TALIA "Thugs They Look Like Angels"

REVIEW – Parisian trio Talia bats one right out of the park with their new album, Thugs They Look Like Angels. They have two prior albums out called Cockroach Killer (2008), and Permanent Midlife Crisis (2013). Members of the band include: Alice Thomas  on bass and backing vocals, Nicolas Costa on guitar and lead vocals, and HervĂ© Goardou on the drums. Talia’s sounds leaves off where bands such as Hole, The Pixies, Nirvana, and L7 left off.

With their new album, the trio electrifies with their first song, “American Bride.” They show no mercy with their energizing guitar riffs, stellar bass, and hard stomping drum beats. Talia shows no signs of slowing down during the first three tracks.

The fourth song “Johnny Bait” stands out as one of the more grandiose songs of the album. Reminiscent of Nirvana, the trio break down each instrument to come together. The listen will hear mainly the guitar as the focus. The band cleverly draws in on the lyrics along with the drums for the listener to hear the full effect.

“The Flood” shows a calmer, sedated, acoustic sound. Playing homage to Soul Asylum, this song brings back the 90s grunge minimalistic feel. “Over The Line” circles back to a faster paced sound that makes the listener move their head with the beat. “Bounty Killers” closes the album on a high note: urban misadventures. That is the fun of this album: expect the unexpected.

TALIA “Thugs They Look Like Angels”

TALIA "Thugs They Look Like Angels"Track Listing:
01. American Bride
02. Play Dead
03. It’s been oh so long
04. Johnny Bait
05. Self Induced Fever
06. High Strung
07. The Flood
08. Over The Line
09. Dog Blood
10. Bounty Killers



More information can be found on Talia at:

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