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New Music Review: STARS THAT MOVE “No Riders”

This CD could get a 50 out of 5…It is ten times greater than a 5!

REVIEW – I am so late to this party. Stars That Move are another band from the Georgia scene that is just truly special. Much like their neighbors Kylesa, this trio incorporates so many elements of music to make this venture a sonic wet dream. I have always had an odd fascination with the state of Georgia. Atlanta is a second home for me. You cannot be a fan of music and not experience Lower 5 Points one time. When you think of what bands could be hammering away in the sewers and trying to smash to the surface, Stars That Move fit that bill. This dark and heavy delivery they have seems to compliment the dreamy like vocals of Elisa Maria Moreno. This is a band who have such a tight sound and such a faith in what they can do. The opening track of “ The Devil’s Fountain” is such a haunting little number. If Lydia Lunch was the new lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s this could be a clue as to what they would come up with. The vocal delivery is both confident and powerful. It sounds like a new genre in the making, “ Dark Dream Pop Alternative Doom”. “ Witchtower” has Lee Dorian and Eric Wagoner with huge smiles on their faces. This is such a catchy Doom Metal song that has such a catchiness and infectious sound. Each instrument has its voice and place. This is a band that breaks convention and let’s everyone have their voice all over this album. “Castles” is another song that just reeks familiar with such an infectious intoxication to it. Maria is a serious vocalist who could have easily been inspired by Grace Slick and Joplin more than any artist in the last two decades.

That is what this cd reminds me of, “ Surrealistic Pillow” era of Jefferson Airplane if you throw in some Iommi riffs for good measure. The rest of this cd has its own personality and attitude. They even have a ZZ Top cover to throw people off their trail. The biggest negative to this band, much like their label mates Book of Wyrms, if I knew about this cd sooner, it would have been in my top ten of 2016. There are certain cds that the first time you hear them, you just know. I can remember where I was when I first heard all these classic cds, and now I will say the same about this cd. This is a band that I have fallen in love with after hearing this cd for my 7th time. I did not want to review the cd the first listen, I felt I wanted to see if the material could hold up on multiple listens. This cd could be played on modern radio, an elevator and a porn and it would not lose one ounce of the creativity and beauty it shines. I will not recommend you buy this cd, I would hope by now I am the last person on this planet on the bandwagon. This is a band that has something very unique and special to offer music. To play this cd makes me fall in love with music all over again. That lead singer has a vocal delivery that is something so pure and yet so simple. She is a star that I hope will stay around this genre. She makes it very beautiful and mysteriously dangerous at the same time. If the band Stars were looking for a new female to take them to the next level. This woman mixes dream pop and doom metal in such a fucking genius way. The band as a whole is something to really get behind.


1.The Devil’s Fountain 04:17
2.Witchtower 03:44
3.Castles 04:07
4.Lost Beyond the Stars 02:26
5.Burning Village 04:07
6.Oh, Sharon 03:56
7.TV Dinners 03:27
8.People of the Sea 03:12




Richard Bennett
Frank Sikes
Elisa Maria

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