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New Music Review: THE SMALLEST CREATURE “Enchanting”

The smallest Creature: “Enchanting” Review


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The smallest Creature comes from Stefanos Marnerides with the name originating as an alias around 2007. At the time, Stefanos composed and performed small gigs in New York. Also, Stefanos worked with Stefan Held on recording a demo in Brooklyn, NY.

In 2011, Stefanos moved to Larnaca and signed to Fishbone Records. His collaboration with Fishbone Records ended peacefully. From this experience came the trio The smallest Creature. The trio consists of: Stefanos Marnerides, Iacovos Stylianides on the drums, and Stephanoes Nicolau on the bass. The trio show their dedication and determination in developing their music.

“Enchanting” comes from their new album entitled Million. “Enchanting” reminds the listener of new wave sounds heralding back to the 1980s. The song opens up about placing a spell on love. Love is described as enchanting, engaging, and not letting go. With “Enchanting” delivering a taste of their album, this single offers up a sound for music lovers all around. Million debuted November 18, 2016.

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