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New Music Review: SIX FEET UNDER “Torment”

REVIEW – When it comes to death metal, does any one get as much shit as Chris Barnes does? It just seems that both fans and non fans are always wanting to take shots. The die hard fans bitch when Chris tries to branch out in different directions like he did with “ True Carnage”. The non fans are just ready at any moment they hear there is a new record coming for people to hear their opinions. Six Feet Under has always had this catchiness to their sound. They have this crunchy metal attack that just have such a cool groove to them. Chris still loves the slower and mid tempo paced attacked, which I feel has separated this band from most every other band. “Torment” is not going to win over any new fans, but it will keep the Barnes faithful happy. I want to state, I feel that Barnes needs to keep a lineup. He is still playing musical chairs with members. I feel that it is such a huge negative, that Barnes has not kept a steady line up to keep building off of. Chris is still gargling razors in his delivery, but I feel the band lack a maturity that comes from keeping a lineup and wanting to go further. It seems that each Six Feet Under is like a debut album of sorts. “ This is my current lineup and we are going to do the same signature sound again”. That is why I mentioned “ True Carnage” early on. It is the one album that I feel Chris wanted to explore his depths of a singer and what the band can do when challenged to create a modern album. “ We will get Karyn Crisis, and Ice T and people will be thrown off by that”. I think when Barnes is challenged is when he can really put out exciting music.

This cd, I am not so sure if he was challenged as much as he wanted to get his commentary on the world out while Trump is still fresh in the public eye. Six Feet Under stay true to their roots. They create that slow downed crunch that is just a intense death metal delivery. Tracks like “ The Separation of Flesh and Bone” and “ Skeleton” are going to be mosh pit hits. “ Sacrificial Kill” is the closest thing this band has for any sort of radio play. Which means zero. “Schizomaniac” is another favorite. It has such a catchy groove and lyrics that are addictive and obnoxiously intense. Being a fan of Barnes and this band, I will say there is a ton to really appreciate with this release. I think the metal community never cuts Barnes a break. He could put out his Zeppelin “ ZoSo” and the critics and fans will still not be happy. This is a good release from a band that I feel deserves much more than they receive. Will this album bring it for them? Absolutely not. This is sadly a fan only album. It seems that he is stuck in this mindset of wanting to do the same sound and music again and again. If you liked the past, you will like this. If you hated the past, this does nothing but further your feelings. Oh well, if it pays his bills who am I to fucking judge him for that reasoning. Good record by a band that should be putting out great music. In the past, he was open to change and wanting to add elements of surprise. Today, it is just ” oh look another Chris Barnes line up and a new Chris Barnes solo record under the name of Six Feet Under”. This is not a bad album by any means. I just wanted more from him at this stage of his career. I would hope that the negativity he gets would have stirred his creative.


1. “Sacrificial Kill”
2. “Exploratory Homicide”
3. “The Separation of Flesh from Bone”
4. “Schizomaniac”
5. “Skeleton”
6. “Knife Through the Skull”
7. “Slaughtered as They Slept”
8. “In the Process of Decomposing”
9. “Funeral Mask”
10. “Obsidian”
11. “Bloody Underwear”
12. “Roots of Evil”


Chris Barnes – vocals
Jeff Hughell – guitars, bass
Marco Pitruzzella – drums
Ray Suhy – Guitars

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