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New Music Review: SHUMAUN “Shumaun”

REVIEW – It’s kind of funny, before even looking up any information on this band, I started listening to the first track on Shumaun’s self-titled debut album, and the first thing I said is, “Sounds a little Fates Warning-ish”, only to discover that a one-time member of Fates Warning plays on this album, self-released on Friday the 13th of November 2015.  That same first track, “A New Revolution”, reeks of “46 and 2” by Tool in spots.

A very musically technical album, Shumaun (which is a derivative of the Sanskrit word “Sumon”, meaning a calm mind), started as a solo project by mastermind, guitarist and frontman Farhad Hossain (of Iris Divine fame), and evolved after doing some demos.  Calling upon friends and fellow musicians, the project came to fruition with the additions of fellow ex-bandmate, Tanvir Tomal on drums, Jose Mora on bass, and Tyler Kim on guitar.  Due to professional obligations, Tomal was called away, and was replaced temporarily by Waqar Khan, who was soon also called away for professional obligations.  Filling in very nicely was Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder, and the renowned Travis Orbin.  Tomal was reunited with his friends and has joined full time, as they currently rehearse to go on the road in support of their latest album.

I have to admit, after reviewing a slew of Canadian death metal lately, it was really refreshing to hear an album with vocal melodies and harmonies. This album is loaded with those.  A few of the tracks become truly progressive, complete with soft, almost symphonic piano passages and epic run times (“The Dream Of The Sleeper” clocks in at over thirteen minutes, and “The Drop” at just over nine minutes), and makes the album a bit long.  It might have been in their best interest to make a debut album a bit more to the point to increase the impact, and maybe save a song or two for the next release, which there really should be.  This album and band is too good to not have more output from them.  The formula works, so they should probably stick with it. All in all, this is a pretty great first effort.

LP_Cover_ArtWork_-_Shumaun_(2015)[1]Shumaun – Shumaun

Track Listing:
1. A New Revolution (6:21)
2. Miracles of Yesterday (4:06)
3. You And I Will Change The World (4:35)
4. Keep It Together (3:58)
5. We Always Disappear (3:51)
6. When It’s Our Turn (4:33)
7. The Drop (9:03)
8. Ambrosia (6:14)
9. Floods (4:14)
10. Sunrise At Midnight (4:12)
11. The Dream Of The Sleeper (13:21)
12. Numbers (5:47)
Album Length: 70:35

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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