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New Music Review: PSYCHO KISS “Grit”

(Vocals) – Helen Ceri Clarke

(Lead Guitar) – Paul O’ Brien

(Drums) – Penfold

(Bass Guitar) – Tom Williams

(Rhythm Guitar) – Pete Rose

Review-Women in the music industry seem to get a bad rap. Is it deserved or not? Some will say it is. I think males will never get sick of looking at a beautiful woman conveying a sense of sexiness in strength and passion. I made a joke in 2007, that label execs look at a band entering a studio and the girlfriend sitting at the side looking bored, and ask the band to let her be the singer or in the band. It is not a knock on women, it is a knock that a male would rather buy into a woman who he would want to share an intimate moment with, than a woman with talent who may not resemble their definition of hot. Let’s be honest, if we closed our eyes to most bands and used our ears to shop. How many would still invest a dime into bubble gum pop like In This Moment or Lacuna Coil? Now, I am a fan of both bands before I had a clue at what Revolver would bring out of them. That rant, will bring us to a band called Psycho Kiss. This is one of those bands that if you opened your eyes or closed them, you would still love what they deliver. There is no mistake that Helen Ceri Clark is going to be a star. Her vocal presence alone, may have the Nightwish and Gathering management on her cell phone by next summer. “ Grit” is a very inviting journey into the world of power and yet beauty that the band create with both their sound and lyrics.

I would assume that the band has played together for a little while. They understand where Helen can really soar at. The music they create is more like a canvas for their singer to just pour her soul into. This band just packs such a wallop of a punch. This album is like a controlled chaotic rock riot. Helen seems to have a ton on her mind, and she does not seem to want to beat around the bush in most of these songs. She seems like she could be the “ psycho” element of this band. (That would mean Paul, Tom, Pete and Pennfold are the “ kiss” element. ) The vocals are very reminiscent of Halestorm meets Lita Ford. This is a very unique blend of metal and pure rock passion. The musicianship on this record is so effective. This band makes the song have this epic like feel. Songs like, “Scream Queens”, “Sociopathic Superstar”, and “ Devil Inside” have serious balls to them. This is music that in a live setting will get the place off their asses. This is a rock band who are not afraid of being a rock band. A lead singer who is beautiful but yet deadly. A band that is not afraid to take chances. The music on this cd is simple and fun. This album is full of moments that will grab your attention and keep it. If you are looking for a fun rock album to play driving around or drinking a beer with buds, this band is going to win you over.

9 out of 10

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