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New Music Review: NAHUM “And The Chaos Has Begun”

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REVIEW – Five-piece death/thrash band NAHUM released their sophomore full-length album entitled “And The Chaos Has Begun” in November of 2015 on the very young MuSick Attack Production label.  The Czech Republic outfit are finally into the swing of things, hammering out two brutal albums in 3 years.

Dating back as far as 2004 by founding members- guitarist, Tomash Nahum and vocalist, Pavel Balcar, NAHUM has seen their share of change. Since recording their 2004, made-for-posterity-demo, entitled “Unhuman”, the rhythm section of the band has been a virtual revolving door, seeing no less than five members come and go from the band, including a second guitarist. After an almost 4 year hiatus starting in 2006, the band returned with nothing but performances at first, releasing their debut LP, “The Gates Are Open” in 2012. The latest lineup consisting of Nahum and Balcar, newest bassist and drummer, Jan Balcar and Tom Brighter, along with Michal Kapec on guitar, seem to have found their way and are finding some consistency in an ever changing business.

The concept behind the album, according to NAHUM’s bio: “In real time, we can see increasing chaos in the state, on the streets, and even in the heads of people regularly lubricated by the media. The raging chaos is a tool, side effect and also the essence of apocalypse that has just started and that will be the last thing humanity will experience. We have just entered the last era!” I have to remind myself that considering their country of origin, there might be a little language barrier, but I think it means that the writer thinks that humanity will be extinct before we know it.  Pretty heavy speculation.

The guitar tone is definitely very thrashy, but the vocals make it a little too much death for my taste; It’s hard to get past.  As I stated, the guitars and the mega-riffs seem to be the saving grace of the album.  Nice and meaty tone, rather than the tinny, shrill sound of a majority of death and/or thrash albums.  The album art is a major eye-catcher and done well by artist Daniela “Dahlien” Neumanová.  As aggressive and brutal this record can be, I can’t say it did much for me, but I’ve heard worse.

nahum-and-the-chaos-has-begunNAHUM – And The Chaos Begins

01. Raging Chaos
02. Vomit The Darkness
03. Creator Of Emptiness
04. Funeral Of Age
05. Damned
06. The Clash Of The Fury
07. Under Fire
08. Rotten Lies
09. www (World Wide War)

Running Time: 32:38

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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