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New Music Review: MARC HEAL “The Hum”

Track list:

Katarina’s House
Adult Fiction
Model Citizen
Show Homes for Luxury Living
The Abandoned Junkshop
Wounded Dog
Johnny Was an Oilman
Faithful Machinery

Review-A word that is abused in the music industry is passion. Most music journalists and critics throw that word around as a way to try and understand what they are wanting you to buy into. “ This artist is passionate”. And then, you play the cd and find it lazy and uninspiring. Then you see them use the term again and again. Marc Heal is insanity in its purest form. The man is so determined to change the music industry that you cannot help but cheer this cd on. The music while it may seem simple upon a chance listen, when you delve deep into this cd, it is anything but simple. This is an attack that is so in your face, that you feel his idea of storytelling is to throw you face first into this world with him. Have you ever wondered what Gary Numan’s son may sound like if Gary grounded him for a few days? (He did a tour with Numan, who knows? )This cd is moody yet oddly pleasant, the atmosphere that he is able to create is both intoxicating and fucked up at the same time.We have been thru the times of the Pretty Hate Machine, Subliminal Sandwich, The Process, Songs for the Jilted Generation, Psalm 69 and etc. Where the industry yields the new crop that all other followers will stand behind. Marc Heal is not the follower, this cd signals the leader. The choruses on this record are catchy and will grab your attention. Yet, the musical backdrop is so smartly constructed and very wisely executed.

I hate to say that this record has commercial appeal, because people will label it like I am accusing the man of selling out. This cd is made for an underground mentality with a willingness to create catchy songs that could be perfect for modern rock and alternative radio. This cd showcases a musician who did not want to put together a bunch of songs. He wanted to create a piece of art that showcases where he is at currently in his life. This cd is full of heart and the lyrics are very wonderfully constructed. The best way to put this experience into any sort of words is to experience it for yourself. This is a cd that demands to be heard. If you are into music that celebrates the passionate journey from studio to headphone, this is that journey put into sound. Marc Heal is going to make music mean something in 2017, this is the calm and the storm all rolled into one epic journey. This is the artist when you look up the words passion and determination, you see a picture of him. This cd is the soundtrack to reality. Welcome to the land where music has meaning and people are putting out music to say something, not try and be something.

9 out of 10

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