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New Music Review: LEAVE THE LIVING “Pacifist”

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REVIEW – The first full-length LP from five-piece, extreme groove metal band, Leave The Living, cold-cocked us back on the first of May, 2015. “Pacifist” taught us that this band has stepped it up since their self-titled EP in 2012, and they appear to only be getting better.  Produced by the band, and clocking in at a very modest 30 minutes, the Red Deer, Alberta band’s debut album wastes no time with fancy intros or long epics- the longest track on the album is just over five minutes. “Let Go” storms the gates, and paves the way for the rest of the audio invasion.

Justin Shadows and his vocal cords of steel are raging right off the bat and doesn’t stop until the last few seconds of the penultimate track, “Sink or Swim”. The final track, the instrumental “Farewell” sneaks up on you and signals the end of the album.  Josiah Dyck also lends his vocals and guitar, while Ben Bushido handles the other guitar.  Rounding out LTL is Steven McGillivray and Sean Higgins on bass and drums respectively. Always evolving, the band has made a conscious effort to always improve their songwriting and collaborations as a band, and it definitely shows with “Pacifist”.  Plenty of material is ready for the recording studio for a second album. “You can expect a lot more music for sure. We already have a bunch of new music in the works.”, hints Justin Shadows.

I’d like to see this band hire a producer that knows what they’d like in the studio.  I understand that it’s very noble to be able to say that you write, perform, produce, and release the music all on your own and are completely self-supportive, but I think that if this album was even semi-properly produced, it would sound less demo-like, and might have a bit more of an impact.  The instruments are mixed pretty well, there’s really no instrument that is overpowering any of the others, but It’s hard to listen to this record and think that it’s not a demo.  Once they’re over that hurdle, they can proceed with pummeling the globe.

cover with bleedLeave The Living – Pacifist

Track Listing:
1. Let Go (2:28)
2. Pacifist (2:59)
3. Manifesto (4:08)
4. Word of a Whore (3:49)
5. Open Sea (1:57)
6. Undone (3:07)
7. Poison Pen (3:06)
8. Sink or Swim (5:24)
9. Farewell (2:41)
Album Length: 29:44

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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