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New Music Review: KANGA “Kanga”

01. Something Dangerous
02. Going Red
03. Honey
04. Viciousness
05. Saviour
06. Dissonance
07. Vital Signs
08. Tension
09. Animal
10. Machine

Review-This is one of the very few times that the buzz and hype is spot on. Kanga has been mentioned in industrial circles for a few months now. I have seen people online bragging about this woman on stage just tearing the world apart. I actually cheated and went on bandcamp, before I got this cd to see what I was going to experience. What I heard sounded like a mixture of Kidney Thieves meets Skinny Puppy. So, I was naturally anxious to see if the rest of the album could deliver on this promise. Let me just say, the lyrics on this cd are so well structured. Kanga is not spewing words to beats, she actually is pouring her soul into this soundtrack to her life. The record has a pop acceptance that would be a natural fit for modern rock radio. That is where Kanga I feel wanted to throw people off the trail. This music dives into the industrial deep end so much, that I am not sure that even Kanga knew where the music direction would go. She has the echoing vocals that mixed with the machinery and distortion on this album is such a winning formula.

I can see songs like “ Viciousness”…” Dissonance”, just encouraging the fans to lose it in a live setting. Then she dares to tread into dream pop with tracks like “ Tension” You would assume that a cd this ambitious, would lose steam as it draws to a close. I feel Kanga in the final three tracks, really gets everything going into another gear. Her voice is beautiful, charming, but yet daring and bold. I could see a band like Velcra wanting to aim for this direction, if there were still around. Kanga is the modern day Trent Reznor. And this cd is her Pretty Hate Machine. This is industrial pop with an electronic background, that just takes the music into a totally fresh direction. This cd should not be just listened to, it should be talked about. Kanga is an intense and yet compassionate songwriter who clearly has a vision that is not so clear. I feel this conundrum she is in musically, makes her that much more of a success. This is a cd that should be the signal that 2017 is going to be the year music returns to the forefront. This woman, with the right exposure and modern alternative magazines and websites taking a chance on her, should be a huge name for this upcoming year. I did my best of 2016 list way too soon. This cd would have easily been in the top ten. The hype is not even close to how great she is.

10 out of 10

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