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New Music Review: HONEYMOON DISEASE “The Transcendence”

HONEYMOON DISEASE "The Transcendence"

REVIEW – Honeymoon Disease is something special. Think of this, you have Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy musical style with an old school Heart meets Suzi Quatro vocal sound. This is a band who lives by the groove, and with the vocal delivery on this record, that groove is just so catchy and addictive. The opening track “Higher” sounds like a band that plays a tight sound with an understanding of what their strengths are. The chorus on this cd should be illegal; it is such an addictive drug that once the song ends you are still humming it. Stargazer is our next track and it plays out like something you would expect from a band that was touring in the 70’s with Molly Hatchet not a new band in 2015. It just captures that era so well and romances the instruments to the vocal delivery of Jenna Disease. What a fucking rock and roll name that is. I can picture the fans screaming “we are down with the Disease”. And I can picture the fans’ parents really concerned. Gotta Move is a song you would expect from The Runaways, and it is such a dirty and grimy sound that just works so beautifully. This record knows the value of a catchy chorus and addictive instruments, from those sick guitar riffs and the playing of the bass and drums, it is just a crime that this music is so damn addictive. The vocals on this record show us that we have a new person stepping up to the mic and giving the others a run for the money. This whole record from first song to last is just a fun ride that I feel fans of this band will dig a lot, and new fans may get turned on to a band that really has so much going for it. If you are into bands like Huntress, Christian Mistress, Seremonia, The Oath, and etc…you would love this band a ton. Or if you are into bands like Thin Lizzy, Quatro, Joan Jett and anything from that era you would love this record as well. Great record that this band should be so proud of. The future is bright, let’s get stoned and blast this record some more.


HONEYMOON DISEASE "The Transcendence"
HONEYMOON DISEASE “The Transcendence”

Track Listing:
1. Higher
2. Stargazer
3. Imperial Mind
4. Gotta Move
5. You’re Too Late
6. Break Up
7. Bellevue Groove
8. Fast Love
9. Rock `N` Roll Shock
10. Brand New Ending
11. Keep Me Spinning





Jenna Disease – Vocals & Guitar
Acid Disease – Guitar
Admiral Disease – Bass
Jimi Disease – Drums


9 Stars

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