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New Music Review: HOLLOWPOINTS “Rocket To Rainier”

Hollowpoints "Rocket to Ranier"

REVIEW – I’m happy and pleasantly surprised that rock music, with guitars, bass, drums and shouty, horns-up, sing-along vocals is alive and well. There’s something to be said for new rock bands, whose influences, spirit and style are very old school. Seattle rockers, The Hollowpoints’ new, self-produced, album “Rocket To Rainier” follows that formula to a T.

The first thing one notices is the reference to the 1978 Ramones release “Rocket To Russia”, and it’s evident that their influence doesn’t stop at the album’s title.  In addition to the short, punchy, hit-the-gas-and-go Ramones influence, there are hints of Blink 182, bits of Sum 41, dashes of Green Day, and just a smidgeon of Social Distortion. One track that sticks out as very memorable is “Can’t Feel At All”, followed by the title track, “You Ought To Know”, and the longest running track on the album, “Dust Collects”, clocking in at a whopping 4:25.

Upon glancing over the song titles before listening, I couldn’t help but notice a track called “Ever Have Your Asshole Licked By A Fat Guy In A Jawbreaker Shirt?”. I was oddly, very interested in hearing that particular track to see how they worked that line into the song, but sadly, the title never is never mentioned in the lyrics.  That doesn’t detract from the truth that it remains a wonderful title.

I wanted to be very objective toward this release, and keep an open mind, considering that before this review, I had never been made aware of The Hollowpoints. The only thing in which I couldn’t come to terms with, is how all the songs, for lack of a better explanation, sound the same. I’d really like to think that I haven’t turned into my father in uttering those words, and it’s not like I can’t deal with bands whose songs sound similar to another; I love Ramones, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, and the like, and I may have expected that a band of this caliber, intelligent lyrics, and high-energy could bring just a tad more to the table in changing up the beats, melodies and styles for their third, full-length release. That being said, I think I’ll be checking out their other albums, and see what else The Hollowpoints have to offer.


HOLLOWPOINTS “Rocket to Ranier”














7 Stars

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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