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New Music Review: “FRIGHT NIGHT (Original Soundtrack)”

Review-I am dipping into the retro vault with this cd. It seems that they are re-releasing the soundtrack to the classic 80’s film “ Fright Night”. See, I may be completely off base on this, I do not remember a cd like this coming out in the 80’s. The cd that my cd store got, was this musical score. I will admit, I have not watched the original film, since I went to the movie theater on opening weekend to see. ( I do own the blu ray for it though, which I will eventually watch again) Speaking of the 80’s, this soundtrack is just gold. You have the Freeze Frame band, J Geils Band opening this cd with the title track of the film. I am sure Peter Wolf, may not be so fond of this one. I found it cheesy fun. They have a dated 80’s radio beat with a sing-along chorus. It does sound at times that Paul Young may have helped in the vocals. When the band joins in, it is just cheese. The lyrics are so simple, yet so ridiculous. Next up, is that one hit wonder from the time named Autograph. The sad thing, to fans like me, the one hit they had with Turn Up the Radio, is nothing compared to the whole Loud and Clear cd. That being said, this song is catchy and very formulaic for that time. This song may have been played in so many 80’s films with so many different names and bands playing it. Next up, Ian Hunter is being blackmailed to give a song to this soundtrack. (That was a joke)

Ian Hunter, best known for Mott the Hoople had to see this as a easy payday. That being said, this song while the lyrics are laughable, the song is not that bad. The lyrics are catchy enough, “ He’s a good man, in a bad time”. Next song is April Wine doing Rock Myself to Sleep. I am a huge April Wine fan. This song was one of the better songs on their 1986 cd, Walking Through Fire. The cd that for fans like me was signaling the end to our great band and their unique sound. You have to think, they were coming off two of their biggest albums and the follow up was just failed. The rest of the cd is such an odd mixed bag. We have Devo, doing basically what Devo does. Which is never a bad thing, but they just do not seem to fit the vibe of this album. Evelyn “ Champagne” King, who was put there more for name value than anything else, really does not capture the vibe this cd is aiming for. Sparks do try very hard and come across as game, but this song compared to their past work, just seems bland. White Sister also try very hard, but yet do not seem to embrace the fun vibe this cd has. As a whole though, as a flashback moment in my life, this cd will get play again on my disc player. This signaled an age when soundtracks tried to be more important than the actual film. This one showcases that cheese in slices is better than a whole lump.

7 out of 10

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