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New Music Review: THE FATAL PURSUIT “Sinful”

The Fatal Pursuit are a passionate, fledgling rock band bringing the audience into the modern metal scene. Embracing the sound of double-bass drums supplied with roaring bass lines offer the opportunities for powerful vocals and majestic guitar harmonies delivered without hesitation for an engaging experience. Each new song they compose challenges the listener to a new dynamic, explosive sound.

The band formed in December, 2015 based out of Calgary, Alberta. The Fatal Pursuit consists of the hard rock combination of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dylan Lock, lead guitarist Shayne Dunbar, bassist Braden Massey, and drummer Chase Hamilton. The group finds their inspiration and influence from Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and Protest the Hero. Three of the members grew up together in the same neighborhood. Over the years, the guys played in various bands gaining and growing from their musical experiences to come together to form The Fatal Pursuit.

The Fatal Pursuit have put together a new album titled Sinful featuring eight new songs: Infinitely, In Time, Cold Steel Tracks, Drown the Heart, Look to the Sky, Overflow, The Rust, and Fall Into Flight. With roaring guitar riffs comes “Drown the Heart,” a genuine rock gem that showcases The Fatal Pursuit’s explosive sound. “Infinitely” begins a solo guitar rocking out to bring the singer in for an electric experience. “In Time” starts with stellar drum beats segueing into a driving guitar solo before the singer starts bellowing out the lyrics about being frozen in this time.

Sinful is a hard rocking powerful album the Fatal Pursuit has delivered. More information can be found on the band at:


Kyle Thomas
From Fort Worth originally and now lives in Central Texas. I earned a bachelors in English from Texas State University-San Marcos and my MBA from Letourneau University. I've written for other online music magazines and have a love for music.
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