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New Music Review: FALLEN ASUNDER “Fallen Asunder”

FALLEN ASUNDER "Fallen Asunder" (Cover)

REVIEW – Fallen Asunder began with two friends since childhood. They formed an original music project with Ryan Batturs on vocals and guitar and Josh Weaver on lead guitar. The duo are based out of Lancaster, PA and love playing rock and metal. Their influences include Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold. Journey, and the Goo Goo Dolls. The guys recently released their debut full length self titled album with 12 new songs.

The opening track “The World and Fate” opens up with a killer guitar intro. Fallen Asunder show a lot of energy and passion in their work. This is a song about remaining strong and never giving up. The next song “Our Ghosts” starts off with a flowing and catchy vibe. The guitars come in with a sense of urgency and a glitter of hope.  “Meant For So Much More” continues the fast pace that the album started with. The singer devolves into the sentiment that there is really so much more out there in the world. “Silent Lies” recalls 1980s power rock with a slower pace drawing the listener in for the ride.

“Lost In The Rain” is another engaging rock infested tune making the listener bop their head around. “We’ll Never Run” begins with immediate urgency showcasing their metal influences. The closing song “Blinded Eyes” brings everything together for what Fallen Asunder set out to do.

Fallen Asunder bring so much energy and passion to the table, one cannot help but appreciate what the duo have put together for a solid debut.

FALLEN ASUNDER “Fallen Asunder”

FALLEN ASUNDER "Fallen Asunder"Track Listing:
01: The World and Fate
02: Our Ghosts
03: Meant for so Much More
04: Silent Lies
05: Free Will
06: Plight
07: Upon Your Stars
08: Lost in the Rain
09: In Your Depths
10: We’ll Never Run
11: Brought to Life
12: Blinded Eyes


More info on Fallen Asunder can be found out:

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