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New Music Review: EVE TO ADAM “Odyssey”

Taki Sassaris-Vocals
Alex Sassaris-Drummer
Markus Wells- Guitar/Backing Vocals
Matt Spaker- Guitar/Backing Vocals

2.Tongue Tied
4 The Price
8.Chasing Ghosts
9.Hurt Me
10.Day Drinking

Review-Eve to Adam is one of those bands that I feel would have fit in better in the early 90’s. Each cd they have put out has really blazed this trail from alternative/modern rock radio to this straightforward hard rock with an emphasis on giving the listener something to have fun with. DJ Zardonic has thrown this band into this heavy electronic direction that seems to show that the band is not afraid of challenging the listener. This is a band that reminds me of Velvet Revolver or The Cult (after Sonic Temple). Taki and Alex Sassaris seem to be at ease when the band is challenged. I hate to say the words, “ commercially suited”, but that is what this cd comes around to being. This cd is tailor made for radio to play a single like “ Tongue Tied” and get people talking. This album does a great job or fusing their past and where they are at today. The signs for mainstream success has been in this band and their DNA since the first album. This is a band that kicks out anthem-driven arena rock with this thumping fist pump in the air. The vocals can be traced from Fuel to Filter and everything in between. The electro-rock sound is clever and works very well. Taki sort of gets the rap that Trevor of Thousand Foot Krutch does. People look for reasons not to enjoy what they offer. Sure, they sound like this singer or that band, but this is music, is anyone original today? What is wrong with familiarity and similarity?

I feel people thought after the last album, this was a band that really did not have much else exciting to offer. This album showcases a band that has so much more to offer music. They have a radio savvy personality but enough curve balls and dynamics to make the listener pay attention. The bridges and choruses on some of the songs are a bit conventional. This album has its share of moments that I feel can get new fans aboard, and may make old fans sort of happy to have stuck around. This cd I feel is a great soundtrack for any popcorn film coming out. Some of these songs could go well with a violent scene in a Fast and Furious or King Kong film. It has that immediately feeling that you are in for something special. The album as a whole is fair. I liked the bulk of it. I am a fan, as I have been since 2011’s “ Banquet for a Starving Dog”. This is a good record from a band that makes a living on putting out good music.

8 out of 10

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