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New Music Review: DUSTY GRANT “This Longing Heart”

Dusty Grant is a talented American singer-songwriter and musician from Omaha, Nebraska. For the past 17 years, Grant has been writing, recording, and performing original music. He began his music career fronting rock and metal bands. Grant decided to have a change of pace and switch gears to acoustic rock songs with a grunge impact. He comes out with a brand new single titled “This Longing Heart.”

Since childhood, Grant has always shown an interest in music. In college, he developed a taste of writing, recording, and performing his own original pieces. Since that time, he learned to play various instruments and always works on improving as a musician and bringing new concepts to life.

Utilizing a direct approach for his solo work, Grant draws ideas from the ups and downs life throws at you using his lyrics as a vehicle for catharsis. Placing emphasis on content and songwriting, Grant demonstrates honest, meaningful hooks and melodies ranging from uplifting to soulful and everything in-between.

Grant’s new single “This Longing Heart” shows his thought process and care he takes into each of his songs. Singing about the boundaries in the world and the difficulties people face in every day life. His talent and passion shows through in this single. More information on Grant can be found at :


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