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New Music Review: THE DEPARTURE “Gateways” EP


REVIEW: The Departure is a 5 piece rock band from Salt Lake City, UT with a new EP out called  Gateways. Their sound consists of melodic hard rock with symphonic keyboard, big choruses, and elements of punk and metal mixed in. The member of the band are Ryan DeBlanc (vocals/guitar), Max Hedding (bass), Gavin Allein (drums), Aiden McDonald (guitar), and Dylan Proesch (keyboards/vocals).

Ryan DeBlanc is the founding member and main composer for the group. Music has always been Deblanc’s passion since he was a child. Gavin Allein brings his passion of writing and playing music to the band. Allein has said music helps him get through the times. Aidan McDonald joined as the second guitarist and has been playing since he was six years old.  Max Hedding came on as their bassist. Proesch adds his dynamic multitude of music talents of keyboard, song writing and producing to The Departure’s sound.

Their seven song EP, Gateways, is their new album they poured themselves into. Gateways contains seven compelling songs: “For The Best,” “Incompetence,”” Gateways,” “Forget Everything,” ” The Sea,” ” Lonely Eyes,” and “Thoughts.” “For The Best” starts off with an energetic guitar solo setting the tone for Gateways. This song sounds reminiscent of early Green Day. “Incompetence” is more fierce and in the listener’s face with a hidden classical element in the background.  “Gateways” draws the music toward the piano for melodic journey. “Gateways” is very introspective as the singer describes they are exactly who they are and their sorrow runs deep. “Forget Everything” keeps the energetic pace going. “The Sea Part II” slows the mood down with a darker tone. “Lonely Eyes” brings back the classical element with an acoustic departure from the other songs. “Thoughts” ends Gateways on a mind blowing course of what The Departure has made.



Track List:

1. For The Best
2. Incompetence
3. Gateways
4. Forget Everything
5. The Sea, Pt. II
6. Lonely Eyes
7. Thoughts




For those who love rock, these guys are a definite welcome. More information on The Departure can be found at:

Kyle Thomas
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