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New Music Review: DARKWELL “Moloch”

1. Moloch
2. In Nomine Serpentis
3. Yoshiwara
4. Fall of Ishtar
5. Save My Sight
6. Bow Down
7. Clandestine
8. Loss of Reason
9. Im Lichte
10. Golem
11. Awakening

Alexandra Pittracher – Vocals
Matthias Nussbaum – Guitars
Roland Wurzer – Bass
Raphael Lepuschitz – Keyboards
Michael Bachler – Drums

Review-Let us be honest, we live in a age now where everyone feels entitled to an opinion. It seems that the entertainment industry has fueled the most vicious of critics. From people who watch a bad pirated copy of a film on their phone and feel they have a voice. To people, who listen to a song and assume they know how the whole cd will be. “ This is what you should do.” “ This is how you should sound”. You can do everything right that they ask for, and they will still be bitter. Darkwell is the perfect example of this. People yearn for the band who showed so much promise in the late 90’s with their debut album. Now, after a lengthy time out, they have returned with a new confidence and the music in a new direction, and people are bitching? My question is this, do you still do the same things you did in 1999? 2000? Bands change and grow, or bands will be stale and stick with what you want them to stick with and you get mad because they did not change with the times.

“ Moloch”I feel is a brave record for this day and age. People hate to merge goth and metal together, but this band has created an album that truly flirts on both sides with such a richness and impact stomp. This is a band who make love to a orchestra of keyboards in a really technically heavy universe. The guitars compliment the vocals with riffs that just cover the spectrum. You can tell this band had an idea what kind of singer they had, and wanted to compliment her positives on such a large canvas. Where bands like Leaves Eyes and Nightwish feel like they are going in circles, this is a band clearly trying to revitalize their sound with so many touches. The aggressive songs on this album are going to win over fans of the past very fast. The slower and more thought provoking numbers are going to lure in a new crowd of fan. Musically, this band is very good and are confident in what they deliver.

Songs like the title track are going to have crowds very excited. It showcases a passion and spirit that I feel they have found in their time away. This is a band that clearly understands what the fans will say, but they also challenge them to jump into this world to silence the haters as well. The album is daring and quite frankly, one of the better records you will hear in this genre of other bands that only showcase a woman to get men to drool over them and ignore that they have nothing else to offer. This band and their lead vox have a ton of potential and talent. This is a band that is clearly ready for the future. What a great album to get people talking.

8.5 out of 10

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