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New Music Review: DAMNED PILOTS “Overgalaxy”


1 Intro
2 Damned Pilots
3 The Season Of The Endings
4 Desert Europa
5 Just Another Day
6 Gorguss
7 Hell is Cold
8 People Dont Die
9 Sylvanic
10 MOS

Review-Any band who claims their sound is post-nuclear metal, could be a band that should be not taken lightly. Not knowing what anything post nuclear could sound like, I was anxious opening this cd. A name like Damned Pilots and a boldness in the way they describe their sound makes one feel that we could be on the verge of a revolution in music. “Overgalaxy” is their second release and my first introduction to this band. My first reaction upon hearing this album was that, you cannot listen to this album just one time. There is so much individuality and passion in the playing and songwriting, that it becomes such a flood of experience. The intro track is this instrumental number that has sound clips and a mysterious backdrop that you are left trying to figure out exactly what this journey is going to be like. Then we get into the track, “ Damned Pilots”. This chunky groove based metal infection. This cross between COC, Kylesa and Monster Magnet is going to win people over. This song showcases the unpredictability of this band. Each member compliments the other in this stew of different genres and ingredients. This album flirts with so many different genres, we go from Doom Metal to classic metal and everything that is between. This seems to be a band that really has no clear vision thus instead of attacking one genre it wants to attack them all.

I hate to say certain tracks stand out, because there is no filler on this album. I really loved “ Gorguss”, just for the doom and gloom backdrop it had. It packs an insane punch. This album also had the balls to do two ballads, and not pulled them off but they fit in perfectly. Those two songs being, “ Just Another Day” and “ People Don’t Die”. This band could be seen in the vein that Primus was once viewed. I am not saying they are sounding like Primus, I am saying that their music is not confined to one genre. This album is one of the first albums in recent memory that was better as a whole, than parts. Where some albums, you listen to certain songs over and over, this album was beginning to end a great journey. I am not sure where this band has been or where they are going, but I am sure they are going to win over a lot of music fans on the way.

9 out of 10

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