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New Music Review: THE DAMN TRUTH “Devilish Folk”


Lee-La Baum (vocals/guitar), Tom Shemer (guitars), PY Letellier (bass), and Dave Traina (drums)

White Lies
Pirates & Politicians
Plastic Flowers
Wouldn’t Be Lying
Broken Blues
Heart Is Cold
Get With You
The Match
Hanging On
Leave It In The Dark
Devilish Folk

Review-Let’s be honest, most music we hear nowadays is passable. It is music that we can listen to one minute and forget the next. Bands that sound like other bands that sound like all the others. When a band comes around like “ The Damn Truth”, it makes me as a music fan want to stop what I am doing, get on my knees and thank the stars above. This is a band that should be on any music fan radar. Whether you like the throwback metal of bands like Electric Citizen or the alternative rock of The Dead Weather. Lee-La Baum is going to be someone very special in this genre. She has a sexuality to her voice that could harken to a Janis with a modern feel. Dave Traina on drums has such a heavy style. It is like he is playing whack a mole while getting head. Tom Shemer on guitar knows how to compliment a song and his singer. His style seems to romance the field together to create this harmony.

This is not a band to take lightly. They have this stripped down energetic attack that showcases heart, soul and passion. This album comes across as a jam session that we all walked into. This performance is intense and so gutsy for a band that seems to wanting people to drop all perceptions and take the music for what it is. What is it is excellent, stunning and has a true raw power that comes from the underground to intoxicate you. This album has so much punches and kicks to it, that at times you just feel this cd creeping inside your body. This is some real deal rock and roll, the kind of music you get the speakers a good workout with. Lee-La Baum proves not to be the girl to take home to your mother, but the one you call when you want someone to beat your mom down. If there is any justice in music, this band would be huge by the time this review comes out. This is a band that deserves your attention. Great band, amazing sound, hopefully bright future.

9 out of 10

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