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New Music Review: COMBICHRIST “This Is Where Death Begins”

We Are the Plague
My Life My Rules
Exit Eternity
Time Again
Destroy Everything
Tired of Hating You
Don’t Care How You Feel About It
Blackened Heart
Pay to Play
Black Tar Dove, Pt. 1
Black Tar Dove, Pt. 2


Andy LaPlegua
Joe Letz
Eric 13
Brent Ashley
Nick Rossi

Review-I have this frustration with the internet age. It just seems that all forms of entertainment are under constant attack. Every person on every board feels entitled to say anything they want. What this so called entitlement does is harm more than help. How many people want to go see a movie or watch a television show, once some idiot online for their own humor spoils the ending for you? The same with music. How many of us want to buy a cd or support a band that people seem to judge harshly online? In a perfect world, Combichrist should have been major names. I feel this is a band that when they put out a cd, the define that moment in music. Andy LaPlegua should have had his face plastered on modern rock and metal magazines. The evolution this band has seen since the beginning when this was “ supposedly” going to be a one off, is just jaw dropping. This band I feel, never really had a direction, but more of a sickle over the plains of music feel. You just seen them coming to devour the scene. Where bands like Ministry, KMFDM, and countless other bands seem to revolve around a core sound, CC seemed to revolve around not giving a shit and putting out what they felt at that moment. Their last album “ We Love You”, I felt was a great album that felt underappreciated. I am not sure if the label of “ industrial band” still has core fans anxious and newer fans who may not be industrial music fans, scared.

I felt this album, much like the last album really takes the industrial label into a more crossover friendly commercialized place. This is a band who will take flack for being radio friendly at times, but this is a band I feel can change the way people perceive those words of “ radio friendly”. This new album is aggressive but it is also melodic and passionate as well. It seems that the “ electronic age” for this band is dying in favor of the guitar. The album has tinges of punk thrown in. This album has a personality that is hard to grasp at times, but hard to not listen to . “ My Life My Rules”, is going to be a favorite live when they go on tour. That song sums up this album and this band to a tee. This is a band who throw convention out the window, in favor of wanting to get people to get off the internet and live their lives. I have been a fan of this band since “ What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People?”, and while this journey has been a blast, I have always wished that the fans really supported them more than they actually do. I guess, that is just a sign of the times. Which is fucking sad, this is one of those bands that just demand respect and fan support. They pour their emotion and souls out on every note. Great album by a band who has never done anything less than that.

9 out of 10

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