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New Music Review: COLLEGIANS “Vaccine”

Formed in 2014, The Collegians bring a new single called “Vaccine,” for an upcoming album.  This new song shows the depths of Collegians’ sound: mesmerizing and thought provoking.

Straight from Melbourne, Australia and fronted by British born lead singer, Glenn Patrick, the Collegians aim to have that emotional connection with their fans through their music. The band signed a deal with music label Cultivator Records in 2015. Once signed, they focused on their new song “Vaccine” and writing their new album. The band consists of four members: vocal and guitar, Glenn Patrick, guitars and vocals, Gerry Leigh, keyboard and bass, James Leight, and on the drums, Vince Leigh.

With the influences of Imagine Dragons, Muse, Garbage, and Depeche Mode, their sound embraces all of those and more. Utilizing pop-hooks, dark-synths, and rock, the band forms a sound distinguishing them from other music acts.

After hearing their debut single, the listener will want to hear more once this new album comes out. “Vaccine” does not disappoint. In the meantime, more information for this highly talented band can be found at:

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