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New Music Review: BOOK OF WYRMS “Sci-fi/Fantasy”

Jay Lindsey – bass
Chris DeHaven – drums
Kyle Lewis – guitar
Ben Coudriet – guitar
Sarah Moore Lindsey – vocals, effects

1). Leatherwing Bat
2). Infinite Walrus
3). Cosmic Filth
4). Nightbong
5). All Hollows Eve
6). Transcendental Migraine
7). Sourwolf

Review-A few months ago, I found myself on I discovered a band called Book of Wyrms. From that really awesome EP., to this full fledged debut album, this is a band to keep an eye out for. Picture if Monster Magnet had a female singer, you get what this band is delivering. This band has a very catchy combination of an acid stoner spaced out rock soundtrack with some doom and sludge elements here and there, to keep you off guard. This band is out there, that I feel modern rock radio is going to have to cave in to them, more than this band caving in for them. You hear a track like, β€œ Leatherwing Bat” and you are going to get it stuck in your head. This is not music, it is an acid laced orgasm for the ears. Lee Dorian fans would love that groove this band puts in the forefront. This sound compliments vocalist Sarah. She adds her beauty paint to the canvas that her band is just tearing up.This band offers a slow groove that just creeps up on you from this outer space vibe the band has created. The vocals are very clean and have such a command over the songs. I got a Syd Barrett vibe from Infinite Walrus. This is a band that is very experimental with their sound, and very patient with their delivery. When the PR guy was talking to me, he made this band come across as the next Zeppelin. While, i will not go that far just yet. I will say this band has something truly beautiful to offer your ears. This is some of the best stoner, doom, spaced out, sonically (I know this is not a normal word, but this is not a normal band) appealing music. This is what Pink Floyd could have been if Roger Waters was a female. This is a band that is going to be major.

10 out of 10

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