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New Music Review: THE BLUE POETS “The Blue Poets”

REVIEW – The Blue Poets are a stellar band from guitarist Marcus Deml.  Deml debuts a new album with 11 songs from his new band self titled called The Blue Poets. Deml formed a four member band to produce a 1970s fierce blues sound for their album.  Deml is also known for his other band, Errorhead and winner of American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero award. Joining The Blue Poets are: Australian singer Gordon Grey, drummer Felix Dehml, and bassist Phil Steen. These guys came together and produced an amazing debut album.

The first song “Goodbye” starts off with a catchy stride to keep the listener engaged. The electric guitar gives the song a depth as an added element. The solo comes to reel the listener in saying hey we are not done yet.  The next song “Too High” begins with a slower tempo, then brings down the house turning up the volume for a steady beat and engaging time. “Sad, sad, sad” shows off the sounds of hitting the town to have a good time.

“Alien Angel” is a beautifully placed slower song with a romantic sentiment. This is a great song to listen to by a fire. “It’s About Time” shows what these guys are all about: the blues. “With Your Eyes” closes out the album tying the sounds together that make this debut so compelling. A slower paced song that presents the listener with the layers The Blue Poets play throughout the 11 song album.

The Blue Poets present an amazing welcome take to blues. Here is to hoping for more from these guys down the road.


THE BLUE POETS “The Blue Poets”


THE BLUE POETS "The Blue Poets"Track Listings:
01. Goodbye
02. Too High
03. Sad, Sad, Sad
04. Alien Angel
05. Sunshine of Your Love
06. Shallow Words
07. It’s About Time
08. For a God
09. Won’t You Suffer
10. The Truth
11. With Your Eyes


More information can be found on The Blue Poets and Marcus Deml at:

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