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New Music Review: BATHSHEBA “Servus”


Michelle (chants)
Dwight (guitar)
Raf (bass)
Jelle (drums)

Review-As a music fan, we listen to so much music in our lifetimes. Most songs and cds, we listen to one time and just put it down. Never to come back to it. Some cds, there is that one song that emerges that we keep going back to and forgetting the other tracks in the process. Then, you get hit so hard by something so odd, that you cannot stop listening to it. Bathesheba is such a unique metal band that if they do not win you over, you should be fearful that they will haunt you. The music on this record has such a beautiful bleakness to it. The vocals on this cd are something to really admire. Michelle Nocon is a musician that really meshes a sinister sexiness with an arthouse theater appeal. This is a band that has created a soundtrack to insanity. If you are a fan of bands like Serpent Omega, Sabbath Assembly and Seremonia, you will dig the fuck out of this band. In an industry where women are out to try to be sex symbols and get their faces in magazines, Michelle is a musician who is out to be an artist. The cd opens with “ Of Fire”. This song really incorporates the spaced out stoner acid backdrop to a singer who has a delivery that will win you over. This album has such a maturity to the sound. A band who understand how to compliment their lead singer. Michelle during this track, starts off with this soaring vocal that seem to calm the pace of the song, until she breaks out on this Dawn Crosby like vocal attack at one point, that really dropped my jaw. (which she does quite often on this record as well)

This album is 6 songs and it mixes so many different genres together to create this album that has to be heard to be believed. The biggest positive to this band and album is that it understands what it wants to deliver. Where most bands get lost in their own direction, this band creates such a lush and haunting backdrop to give the listener a journey that is unpredictable as it is exciting. The band seems very inspired, and you can feel their passion in each moment. This is quite frankly, a very emotional journey into pain and anger, but with such a beauty and excitement sprinkled in. As a music fan, we need a band like Bathsheba right now, to shake up the landscape. As a critic, we have needed this band for way too many years. Impressive yet hauntingly creative, this is a band that should be on every musical radar there is. The instrumental opening to “ Demon 13” alone is worth the price of admission on this ride. To the music scene, be scared. You have been warned. Bathsheba is some kind of fucking monster that is going to devour everything in its path. This is a must buy, if there ever was one. You have a female vocalist who has Karyn Crisis, Lydia Lunch, Dawn Crosby and Janis Joplin in her style. Enough said.

10 out of 10

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