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New Music Review: ANN MY GUARD “Ourania”

Ann My Guard is:

Eszter Anna Baumann (vocals, bass)
Krisztián Varga (guitars)
Benjamin Bárkányi (guitars)
Norbert Tobola (drums)


1. Novae
2. Asteria
3. Callisto
4. Io
5. Breathe The Sun
6. Obsidian Tears
7. Serpent
8. Hekate
9. The Secret

Review-Ann My Guard is a Hungarian female fronted band. The press release tells me this is metal, but I feel that really limits what this band can deliver. The metal chops are there, but there is also this Opera like approach to the delivery. If that was not enough, she also has a pop rap capability that we see emerge early in a song called Asteria. You can tell this is a woman who is determine to challenge any female in music with her uniqueness. The lyrics also show a maturity, that we do not see in many of today’s up and comers. This band is comfortable with having the audience think about the meaning of the song more than over-simplifying the lyrics to make them feel dumbed down. The band seem to know what their lead singer can deliver, and they play a sound that at times does sound commercialized but it also suits the delivery. Where most bands and their musicians seem like an endless battle on cd, this band seems to understand where they are going and how to get there. The earlier comment about not wanting this lumped in metal, is because I feel that to limit what this band is trying to convey may hurt them. I feel a metal crowd could be lost with the operatic nature of some of the songs, and also the pop music likability the majority of the songs have.

This is sophisticated pop/metal for a very unique audience. That is not saying I dislike this cd or hate it. I really like her voice and what this band can deliver, I just feel that this band is going to be a very hard sell for an audience who wants simple lyrics and a woman posing half naked on a car to encourage sales. Songs like Hekate sound like if Deloris from the Cranberries was fronting Epica. She has this delivery in her vocals that just pierces thru your soul, where you feel what she is experiencing at this time. Serpent, is genius. It sounds like some odd dreamy pop trip that ends when the guitar hits for Hekate. It is like the band is taking you on this trip and you feel so free, then the track just ends and that guitar brings reality back. Breathe The Sun is just tailor made for rock radio. Callisto also sounds tailor made for modern rock radio. You have a great vocalist who is just tearing it up, with a band that is on point with their attack. This band I really like. Finally, a female singer who just puts more thought into what she is saying than her image. This woman is just a very deep thinker and her lyrics reflect someone that has so much to offer this industry.

8.5 out of 10

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