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New Music Review: TRUE MOON “True Moon”

Our Own Darkness
True Moon
Just Like Smoke
Run Run Run
In The Dead Of The Night
Things I Used To Tell You

Review-This is such a weird way to start a review. Have you ever went to that place in your life? That one place that seems new to you but could be somewhere you been before, who knows. That one song plays and it instantly captures your attention. You think to yourself, “ I can never forget this moment”. I just had that moment. I am not quite sure who Karolina Engdahls’ was before I listened to this cd. She has made sure I will never forget her after the cd ended. How is “ True Moon” not on modern rock radio right now? The song has this dark alternative catchiness with a vocal delivery that is so retro-cool. This album as a whole is something so different but yet so familiar. This is a band who dives clearly in the dark waters to see what they can tamper with. The lyrics seem dark but the music comes across upbeat and catchy. If Siouxsie and the Banshees came out this year, this would be the album I would expect from them. Karolina has this style that shifts as the mood of the song changes. It goes from a haunted alternative vibe to some pop melodic catchy. This debut album is so daring and brave. In a world where everyone sounds quite frankly like everyone, there is no musician right now that sounds like this. This band throws everything at the listener. “ Guns” is the perfect example of that. I love the retro gloss all over the song. It has such an awesome unforgettable sound to it, that once it enters your mind, it will not leave. This is a band who is full of ambition and mystery. The more you listen, the more you really get into what they are all about. This is not an album of songs, it is a epic wave of sound that is going to take over your beach. I should really give this cd a negative review, because I am not going to be sleeping tonight and listening to this album over and over.

9 out of 10

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