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New Music Review: THUNDERA “Thundera”


Rissa = Singer
Marianna = Guitarist
Bruni = Drummer

1.Shake It Off 02:05
2.Psychedelic Queen 02:06
3.Cool 01:42
4.Sixteen 01:40
5.Angel 03:50
6.Non-Citizen 01:38
7.Last Laugh 02:03
8.Getting By 02:09
9.My Treat 02:16
10.Sally 04:34
11.Thundera 03:47

Review-A show of hands, how many of you music fans are sick of being fed the same shit by radio? I am a huge supporter of feminist musicians. My world does not end, when they do not put out music. It does seem to revolve a little faster, when I get a cd like Thundera’s new record. Never has the message of equality been so danceable and catchy. This band of young ladies gives you something right out the gates to get you out on the dancefloor. “ Shake it off” has the catchy chorus and the band who know how to compliment their lead singer. The vocals are playful in an intense way, where you feel each word has a meaning that can be perceived in many different ways. The shock of this record is “ Angel” is a ballad of sorts, that has this radio friendly approach that will creep in your head and keep you humming and singing long after it ends. Talk about a song that could be so misleading. It is stuck in between this Karen O like rocker called “ Sixteen” and a Donnas inspired rocker called “ Non-Citizen”. If anything can be said about this band, they are out to destroy the perception people could have of them. “ Sally” is another ballad that feels like they want people to stand with lighters when they are done headbanging and dancing to the other tracks. This record is not a bunch of songs, it comes across that this is clearly a statement about music not being confined to one genre but clearly paving the way for a journey.

This is a band made up of a lot of depth. One minute, they have you doing their catchy sing-a-long chorus and feeling their energy. The next minute, they slow it down where you can feel their passion. This is a band that is clearly not afraid of what people will say or think, that they are following their own path. I hate to keep throwing women punk and pop references out there. I feel this band does not follow those leaders, that they pick up where they left off. This record is an infectious party, that everyone is invited. This band, I hope that people see this review or find out another way about them. This is how music is supposed to be in this day and age. This band has so much potential and promise. They have a drummer who knows her gift and uses it very effectively. A guitarist who is not afraid of where the music is going, and is brave enough to provide the listener with a soundscape that is so catchy. A singer, who has a voice you soon will not forget.

9 out of 10

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