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New Music Review: THE BOMBS “Rated “E” for Egg”


Carrie Cohen- Bass
Katie Duke- Vox
Kenley Turner- Guitar
Stephan Cohen- Drums

Review-The Bombs have a 5 song EP that seems to be marking a bridge between their debut album and the direction they are setting their musical course towards. The debut album was their stamp on the pop punk genre. They had catchy choruses, sing-along lyrics and a style that showed a ton of ambition. Katie Duke and her group, have elements of that on this new record, but they also have some uncharted waters that seem to get your attention as well. The opening track “ A.5” feels like a step into the old school alternative vaults. It feels familiar in its tone, but the lyrics showcase Duke still is faithful to her pop punk roots. “ Catfish” sounds like a homage to L7. Then you have the break and chorus, which showcases that the band wants to put their own stamp on it as well. “ So Fine” is the song that is really showcasing this band and their growth. This song has a singable chorus which Katie talks about some guy she wants to have a ton of sex with. What really carries the song is the musical landscape she has to drawn upon. The band seems to be taking a few chances in the changes of tempo and direction in this song. The other two tracks “ Horse Head Jams” and “Mystery Song” sounds like outtakes from the debut album sessions. That does not mean they are bad, it means that they are a continuation of what the first record was all about. I like that the band are trying to change the punk sound. As an EP this is a good little appetizer for a band that I feel has their path opening for where they could be going next. I love that the band is sticking to familiar but yet trying to sneak in elements of a different mindset of where they want to be. If you want some fun music to keep your mind off of the shitty things that happen in this world, this could be a fun soundtrack to a brighter future.

8 out of 10

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