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New Music Review: THE SWEETEST CONDITION “Edge of the World”




REVIEW – So I told myself today, “ I am only going to do three music reviews”. I got done with my third review and I stumbled upon this music sampler on “Electrozombies-Undead and Open Minded Volume 1”. Which right now, I am encouraging all of you to seek this out. So, I am listening to the music and this one song hit me immediately called “ Control” by a band that is named The Sweetest Condition. The duo consists of Jason Reed Milner (who handles the music) and lead vox Leslie Irene Benson. This song is one of those songs that once you get it in your head, it is not going to leave. It is catchy in a synth pop 80’s sort of way with this freedom you can only get from the indie music scene. If this is the statement the band wants to make, I have to hear the rest of this album. Well, I am here to tell you that this song is no fluke and this band is no indie band. They have a style and passion that is incredible.

It is obvious upon listening who they draw their influences from. This is where I say who I assume they sound like, or what album this reminds me of..but this record is so experimental when I start to think the song is heading in this direction they add bits and pieces that threw me off. This is a band who not only did their homework but realized that people were going to point fingers and throw genres at them, so they created a sound that they can point right back and make people not be so fast to judge. When Fallon Bowman quit Kittie in the early 2000’s and started Amphibious Assault, I feel this is the direction she wanted it to go. This is a band who would not feel so odd on a John Hughes 80’s soundtrack. When I listened to “ Secret” that is the first thing I thought, how could this song not be on the soundtrack to a film like “ The Breakfast Club”. “ This Poison” is going to win over fans of the old school industrial scene and early day Ruby or Hanin Elias. This is a band who is willing to throw everything into the sink and hope magic comes out, and the beauty is that this cd is an elegant cluster of emotion and heart.

“Beyond the Blue” leads you blindly into this cd with a love affair in the 80’s mixed with a vocal delivery that sounds like if Aimee Mann did this style of music. I think people could draw comparisons to The Start, Naked and The Famous and maybe even a subdued Crystal Castles with what they accomplish on this record. This is one of those songs that will get you on the dance floor. It is just so catchy and intoxicating that you are just lost in this world. “ Don’t say goodbye, just look to the sky” is how Leslie leads us into this record. “ Watch You Fall” feels so heavily influenced by Depeche Mode. If you like the song “Personal Jesus” you will love the hell out of this track. This cd to me is should be a major deal. If we had outlets like VH1 or MTV giving us a show like 120 Minutes or College to Modern Radio without any agendas, this band and songs like “ Control” would be on a ton of playlists and get a ton of people excited about music again. This duo has some amazing gifts on display and a record that I know will grace my 2016 best of list. This is a daring young band with a sound that is going to win you over. What an amazing vocalist, and a musician who knows how to compliment her style and make her voice stand out.

How is this band not on the cover of AP or Spin? This record reminds me of when I first heard Portishead and Radiohead-The Bends. I will put this band and cd in my best new discoveries for 2016. (even though the record came out last year) Seek this band out, seek this cd out. If you are into synth-pop, shoe-gaze or trip hop with an industrial feel like Pigface with a more direct sound, seek out this band.



Track Listing:
01. Beyond the Blue
02. Control
03. Fall in Line
04. Miles Away
05. Now
06. Secret
07. This Poison
08. Try
09. The War is Over
10. Watch You Fall
11. Without You

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