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New Music Review: THE SWEETEST CONDITION “We Defy Oblivion”


Review-There is an old saying, “ music will never die”. Think about this saying for one minute. Let’s say, you planted some flowers outside. Do you expect those flowers to live if you do not take care of them or water them? How can music survive, when it seems no one is really supporting it anymore? People complain about bands that overstay their welcomes. The reality is, those bands can afford to overstay. They made their money early on, before the internet boom. Bands today, seem to be stuck in the internet boom. Where, we see all these bands that are praised in reviews and hailed by critics. That being said, after that smoke clears, they are not making enough money to survive. Most artists these days, starve for their art. The Sweetest Condition are one of those bands. You can ask every critic who reviewed their first cd. This is a band that they hailed as being the “ next big thing”. Where the mindset of today’s musician, “ if we do not set the world on fire the first time out, we will do it the second or third”. I will say right now, to be hailed and praised as highly as they were the first time out. The Sweetest Condition, did not let that go to their heads. This new album, We Defy Oblivion is just that, a defiance.

I feel this cd opens the doors for other indie artists like Ego Likeness, The Start and Queen Kwong to come inside. The Sweetest Condition is that band that loves to dive in the deep end, that nothing is off limits in their experimentation. The best way to describe this band is easy, think of Missing Persons being inspired by Nine Inch Nails and Rainer Maria. Leslie who I will assume is the Sweetest and Jason is the Condition to this band, have created a cd that is so refreshing and unique. I think the emphasis on this album is commercial success. You can tell that they are trying to figure out how to merge the two worlds of individualism and commercialization to come together. It is easy to get lost in Leslie and her vocal delivery. We forget about Jason and what he brings to this duo. His talent is just undeniable. I would think that Jason is dying to branch out even further on the next cd. It seems that while Leslie is embracing a modern rock radio love, that Jason seems to want to go darker and more moody. “ We Defy Oblivion” is that album that I feel can open fans up to more indie bands. This is an album that I feel studio interference or a major budget would fuck up. This is an album made by lovers of music, people who respect the genre and want to advance it. I could see this band being a major deal if a radio station would take a gamble on them. They may defy oblivion, but they are showcasing such a passion and energy that is missing so much in music these days. I would say, if you are going to buy one cd for someone you love this holiday, this may be the perfect present.

9 out of 10

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