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Music Review-Soundgarden-” In & Out Of The Cage “

Track Listing-

Jesus Christ Pose
Outshined (with Eddie Vedder)
Big Dumb Sex
Ugly Truth
Rusty Cage
Slaves & Bulldozers
Searching With My Good Eye
Hands All Over
Loud Love
Full On Kevin’s Mom
Big Bottom
Beyond The Wheel
Get On The Snake

Review-In 1986, I met this girl who was from the Pacific Northwest. She had this bag full of cassettes of the scene that was happening at that time. Being such a huge music fan at that young age, I would hang out with her to hear the bands. One of the tapes she had was from some band called “ Soundgarden”. Music at this time was pretty cut and dry. Metal bands would be playing metal, and alternative bands would be playing the slower down alternative music. Soundgarden were the first band to my memory that blurred the lines of what alternative and metal truly was about. Chris Cornell would have the alternative style vocals, but Kim Thayil would have the metal riffs. Those guitar riffs that recall a Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin vibe, with a vocalist who was creating Jim Morrison meets Robert Plant like epic moments in his vocal delivery. I can remember when the local record store were putting out Louder Than Love. I was there first day and the cashier asked me, “ who is this band”. So, I told them, they should play my cd when I buy it in the store. The second “ Loud Love” hit the speakers, people reacted. This was clearly the new age of music. Soundgarden paved the major label streets as being the first grunge band at the time to be signed. Though, labels were confused as to what to do with this music till Nirvana hit those famous guitar chords that turned the industry upside down.

Grunge in the early 90’s was like the printing press for cash. Music was so fresh and innovative. You would see famous actors and actresses wearing doc martens, flannel or the Sonic Youth t shirt. 26 years later, and the music industry is in dire need of some life blood to revive it. Seattle has come and gone, and the ashes today are used on sites as fodder to excite fans into arguing about cds they once cherished and now ashamed to admit they own. Soundgarden have had a Hall of Fame career and sold millions of albums. In 2010, after a failed side project and solo records that went nowhere, the band got back together. The results were King Animal which came out in 2012, to minimal sales and people wanting to cherish the memories more than embracing new music. I have to say, this new CD of the live broadcast from the Kitsap County Fairground during Lollapalooza in 1992 was great. It reminded me of why I became a fan in the first place. Cornell sounds amazing on this. He sounds very passionate and excited. The true treasure is the bonus stuff from 1990. The sound quality sounds like it was off of a sound board. It is stunningly beautiful. You get the full intimacy of this show in your eardrums. The song listing is decent, there are songs I wish were on here, and others like Big Dumb Sex and Get on the Snake that I really wish were not. As far as the cd as a whole, it brought tears to my eyes to go back and witness this band in their biggest time of their career. I am glad, about this resurgence in the band to release all these deluxe editions and now this.

8 out of 10

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