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Music Review-Shiny Black Anthem-” Unbreakable”


The Revenant
Fade Into White
Your Lips Are Cocaine
Crawling Back Home
Let Me Out
Love Is Dope Pt 1
Love Is Dope Pt 2
Your Enemy
Give Me More
Chasing Shadows
Alone In My World
Broken Smile
My Heart Is Rusted

Review-Shiny Black Anthem’s debut record is a fun little pop rock ditty that I think fans of Paramore and Halestorm could gravitate towards. Led by fashion model Sarah Moon this is a band that is both catchy and energetic. Where I think bands will feel they got burned in the past with bands like The Butcher Babies trying to use sex appeal to mask their shortcomings. Sarah’s looks seem to be hiding behind the talent that this band projects. The guitar sound really compliment the vocals, you can tell the band wanted to showcase her delivery that people would not be talk about who this band would remind them of, but bask in the offering the band delivers. This is an album tailor made for radio airplay and tours. This album is full of songs that when you go into a Hot Topic or Spencer’s that it catches your attention and you want to find out more. In many ways, I got a No Doubt vibe from this band. Not so much the music, but the personalities and attitude. This is a band that may not hit gold the first time, but will definitely hit it eventually. This is also a band that I feel will be changing up their sound and they start to get a feel and explore what they can offer. Good debut, very energetic pop music that will get people talking. This album is also very polished and really comes across at times as overly cliched, but the album for what it is, really is better than most.

7 out of 10

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