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New Music Review: SHE SCREAMS OF ROYALTY “Lucid Dreams A Relationship”

Nathan Post – Vocals/Guitars
Alex Lee Grubaugh – Vocals
Dan Hiegel – Lead Guitars
Daniel Harrell – Drums

01. I Wish
02. I Could Tell You
03. How I Feel
04. One Last Time
05. It’s Inevitable
06. What Happened
07. Just Know Deep Down
08. I Will Always Remember You

Review-She Screams of Royalty, I found out about from an ep a few years ago. The ep was fair, it was middle of the road post hardcore. I heard rumors about this band sort of taking a break, members in and out and a renewed passion. I have to admit, I was very curious. The ep had moments that I felt this band could be special. I had to see if they changed since the ep. Before I talk about change, let’s talk about the word passion. Passion can be a difficult balance for any musical act. If a band does what is truly in their heart they have the fear that their fans from before may not be on-board. Yet, if they stick with what people know and admire about them, they do run the risk of feeling stale. She Screams of Royalty have expanded their sound in a enthusiastic and dramatic way that I am frankly in awe. When a band feels like they have nothing to truly lose, is when a band feels at home opening up all doors and showcasing what they have. This is a band that has the energy level pumped up to ten. The emotion cranked up to a hundred.

The screams on this cd alone are worth the price of admission. I hate to pinpoint one star on this album, when the whole band are clearly all stars on this effort. This album shifts all the elements of the past and drenches them with the present day. This band has grown leaps and bounds. There is a maturity to the attack, but also an obnoxious tone to the screams that make you feel this is where the guys have the most fun. This album is going to win some new fans, and keep the past fans with smiles all over their faces. This is a band that took a huge gamble and the gamble paid off. This album is solid from start to finish. The intensity of songs like “ How I Feel” are going to keep mosh pits very dangerous. This album has very little down time or filler. Nathan Post deserves a ton of credit for keeping his vision alive and moving forward. This band if they get exposure on the tour circuit or modern rock radio, could be a force to be reckoned with.

9 out of 10

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