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New Music Review: RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA “Cursed”

Ryan Hayes
Justin Olmstead
Justin Smith
Zack Goggins
Riley Haynie

1. War Is Killing Us All
2. Cursed
3. Weight of the World
4. Daemons
5. A Way Out
6. Defiance
7. Psycho
8. Never Say Never
9. Doomed
10. Burn
11. Halfway
12. Become
13. Strangers

Review-If you are into the music of bands like Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch, you will definitely be a fan of this band. This Christian metal band gets points up front from their intoxicating sound. If you did not read the last sentence, you would never get the hint off this cd that this band has christian views. This is a band that gives the listener some insane hooks and riffs. This is not a cd to listen to while you sit down. This is a album that is meant to get people on their feet and rocking out towards. The guitar harmonies on this cd compliment the vocals in such a way that I feel this band owns the book at how to make a clever sound and milk it for all its worth. The hooks on this album are infectious and very impressive. This is a cd that has anthems for people to get behind, and an epic sound that keeps the importance on getting people to sing along. This is clearly a band who is very passionate about the music they make. It just feels when they lay lyrics to the song, that the words have an importance to them. This is clearly modern rock radio mid tempo heavy metal. This album in ways made me think about the debut album by Linkin Park. It has that kind of fire and intensity. (I am not saying this cd sounds like that, I am just saying it has the mood of it)

The cd sets out to do two things, entertain and make people passionate about music. It does both of those fairly well. I will admit that the formula at certain moments does feel a little bit redundant. This band needs to experiment more into taking this music out of their comfort zone. I am not saying to go satanic death metal or rap, I am just saying to throw different elements in that will throw the fan base off a little. To show that you are more than this pop rock commercially satisfying band. Then again, I am not sure if the band could pull that off and still be faithful to their fans. If you are into this band and the last three releases, you will dig the majority of this cd. It is not a bad record, it may be a safe one. I was a fan of the last cd, and this record is still a very solid album that I can give a very happy positive towards.

8 out of 10

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